Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

You might think that you know all the important information about this iconic copy watch, but the case in the 41mm gold case contains a lot of information about the past, present and future, so be sure to study it carefully.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. This watch is familiar to you, and you can trust that you will get one. The Royal Oak Chronograph is a watch with thousands of fans and a few critics around the world. I will call it ROC in the future, and it is a middle ground between two completely different Audemars Piguet buyers (collectors and everyone else). The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore series usually attract very different people, but I will talk about this soon. In this review, even though I do not have my own internal movement, I still solved the problem of the AP series’ mid-stream main column and an interesting high-end watch. I will look at the wear of this 41mm column wheel, vertical clutch chronograph, and whether the origin of the movement is worth mentioning.

AP is a truly unique watch manufacturer. It is one of the few global high-end watch brands that the founding family controls, and several members of the Audemars Piguet family are still serving on the board of directors. Consider the following facts: Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Söhne are both owned by Richemont Group (the group owns everything from Cartier and Panerai to Alfred Dunhill), luggage manufacturing Lancel, the women’s clothing company Chloe, Purdey Guns and all the assets of Net-A-Porter), Patek Philippe, while maintaining its independence, was sold to the Stern family less than 100 years ago. However, having AP is not necessarily the most interesting aspect of this 175-year-old manufacturer-the important question is who bought AP watches?

The answer to this question is simple: everyone. I mean, there are two very different types of high-end watch buyers: collectors and basic “watch lovers.” Collectors are people who have lived on TimeZone and PuristS for the past 15 years. Such people have heard of the name Walt Odets and know exactly who I am talking about. A collector is the kind of person who knows the difference between hand-polished and hand-made. He has gone beyond the topic of arguing about brands and knows enough to talk about various projects. He admired the meaning of Patek Philippe to watches in the past 100 years. He understood the importance and appeal of nostalgic Rolex, but only bought what spoke to him. On the other hand, watch enthusiasts are newbies to high-end watches, but still pay much attention to the brand. Ambassadors, retailers and advertisements can easily shake him. Both buy watches from Audemars Piguet, but they may be different models, and of course there are different reasons.

Let’s start with the collector. Collectors buy copy Audemars Piguet because of its long history in complex large pocket watches. Collectors buy AP because Patek Philippe needs to purchase AP from Henry Graves Jr. because of such watches. They bought AP because the manufacturing of Le Brassus has always been at the forefront of materials and engineering, showing off incredible watches, such as the first minute repeating watch in 1892 and the first jumping time in 1921. Watch, the first hollow pocket watch. In 1934, the entire category was launched in 1972, the first ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch with a central rotor was launched in 1978, the first self-winding ultra-thin tourbillon was launched in 1986, and the first was launched in 1994. A large and small Sonnerie watch, the first complex complications were introduced in 1996, the first time equation with a perpetual calendar came out in 2000, and in 2009 a high-frequency chronometer with double balance AP escapement. And many other things.

Nowadays, such as the Royal Oak perpetual calendar skeleton (I think it is the benchmark of the AP series and one of the best perpetual calendars on the market), the Royal Oak Formula of Time, the innovative Chron-AP and this dial indicator minute repeater are proof of this watch There is no doubt that AP is a top manufacturer. AP’s internal self-winding movement 3120 is located in the basic Royal Oak 15400, which is also one of the best basic movements in the world. These are the reasons that keep AP in touch with “real” watch lovers, who sometimes get lost around other types of AP buyers.

Ari Gold received the pure gold Royal Oak Chronograph (same as the watch I will review below) by his soon-to-be owner boss, who described it as “the best in the world One of the watches”. Then, the camera placed the lens flat on the pure gold watch in the box, and Ari couldn’t believe the gift-so AP was introduced to a large number of potential new customers, the guys watching Entourage. From this moment on, you will see several AP characters in the show. At the time, many people believed that Audemars Piguet had paid for the placement, but the talks with the Associated Press over the years revealed to me that it had not exchanged a dollar. Instead, a special producer on the show was a large AP client and insisted that it was given to Ari’s Royal Oak. Entourage has a lot of effects on APs, but this location does not define the “other” types of AP clients. It really gives you an idea of where AP is popular, and in Hollywood, music and sports for young and rich people.

Although Urquhart planned to launch the new Royal Oak “for young people” on the 20th anniversary of Royal Oak in 1992, the project was not completed in time. When the 1993 Basel World exhibition arrived and was ready to display it, the arms were not fully opened. Gueit recalled the words of reporter Miguel Seabra: “Gérald Genta invaded the booth and shouted that the HIS Royal Oak had been completely destroyed.”

Similar to the reaction to Genta’s own Royal Oak in 1972, this version has been questioned and criticized. Gueit mentioned in this article in WorldTempus that even people who are now known for their large, forward-looking watches are skeptical. Ironically, the young Max Büsser, the head of product development at Jaeger-LeCoultre at the time, said: “You are crazy, and you will never sell such a monster.”

Of course Max and the rest of the industry are completely wrong. Offshore (the name was officially added after the first 100 watches-those without the Offshore brand on the back of the watch are considered rare collectibles) will soon become one of the hottest luxury timepieces on the planet and be introduced throughout A new era of industry design and cross-promotion. Some people will say better, while others will say worse.

From the earliest days, the Offshore series has been constantly changing, including a surprising number of limited edition watches. In 1997, Gueit and AP concocted various new colors for Offshore to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Royal Oak. This is the beginning of the Offshores limited edition. It was also in the same year that Guiet collaborated with a celebrity model for the first time-Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Days of the End”.