Review Breitling Avenger Hurricane 50 (XB0170E41I1S1): hands-on

Today, we own Breitling Avenger Hurricane 50. Breitling himself described Hurricane Avenger 50 as “beyond the superlative.” We will test their bold claims to see how good Avenger Hurricane 50 is!

It is no secret that Breitling is an aviation-centric brand. Since it was conceived by Leon Breitling in 1882, as the aviation industry entered the 20th century, the brand began to produce pocket watches for civilian and military purposes. The Avenger Hurricane 50 is not the brand’s aviation heritage and is no exception. It is deeply rooted in the brand’s core spirit of functionality, legibility and reliability. Named after the undisputed British wartime fighter “Hurker Hawke”. The historical significance of the Hurricane as the highest-scoring fighter in the Battle of Britain means that the aviation connection of its Breitling aircraft of the same name is beyond doubt.

The first thing that shocked me about this watch is the weight. The belt weighs only 107 grams! In comparison, this is 62 grams lighter than a standard Breitling pony. This is even more surprising when the weight of this watch is compared with its weight. The dimensions are impressive, with a width of 50 mm and a height of 16.97 mm. This is partly attributable to Breitling’s trademark polymer case material “Breitlight®”. Breitling claims that “Breitlight®” is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times stronger than steel.

Breitling replica also claimed that this plastic composite case “has excellent scratch resistance, tensile and corrosion resistance; anti-magnetic and anti-allergic properties; and a warmer “touch” and slightly mottled effect than metal, highlighting It’s originality.” This is a fact, because after getting in touch with Avenger Hurricane 50, the second thing shocked me. The gray stripes are mixed with the matte black of the case, similar to forged carbon.

The unidirectional bezel is made of the same material and follows the bold and sturdy appearance of the case. The bezel is engraved with deep numbers and minute marks, combined with the heightened quarter hour mark and 12 O mark, for the watch The case adds a real depth clock frame point, which contrasts with the black case. The movement of the frame is smooth, and you only need to pay appropriate effort when moving to ensure that it will not be adjusted accidentally, and it does not require excessive force to adjust. Click clearly by moving and precisely align with the internal minute track.

The most striking aspect of this watch is the dial, which uses a bright yellow dial color scheme that perfectly matches the dark matte case. In addition, when combined with military-style yellow accents, the canvas and rubber hybrid strap can perfectly blend dark and light colors. These photos explain everything, but the text seldom explains how much the yellow dial really popped up during the case work.

Nevertheless, it does not deplete the smaller details of the dial. The numbers in the military-style text are obscured by dark orange shades, giving the dial more depth, especially when the numbers are slightly raised due to the filling of luster. . The minute track of the dial and the chronograph cumulative dial is almost entirely composed of black text, which has been re-decorated to outline the hour markers full of time and the Breitling brand.

Breitling’s winged “B” is made of polished stainless steel and highlights the famous logo under proper lighting conditions. The hands are sandblasted to maintain military style and function to avoid excessive glare from the pilot. This shows that the matte black surface of the “Breitlight®” case and the anti-glare coating on both sides of the sapphire crystal glass emit a very attractive blue color when reflecting light. The minute track is the standard configuration of Breitling, clear and undisturbed.

However, in the dial replay, things became more interesting, and it was equipped with a “1/100 H dial”, and the dial replay was printed with a mark dividing the hour into 100 minutes. (Note: I must study Breitling’s instructions in depth!) For example, 36 minutes is 0.6 of an hour. This function makes it easier to read the minute scale based on the decimal system. There is also a red accent on the dial, marking the streamlined tip of the chronograph second hand, and dividing the sum of the chronograph minutes into 5-minute intervals. The layout of the Tri-compax chronograph gives the dial a uniform and pleasing aesthetic, with the date aperture at 4:30.

The Hurricane Avenger 50 is equipped with the movement “Breitling 01”. This movement is a self-winding device, as highlighted on the dial, with the bold red “AUMATIC” text on the dial below the phone. The movement is equipped with 47 jewels to keep the movement and timing mechanism running smoothly. The vibration speed is 28,800 v.p.h, so that the sub-dial second hand and chronograph second hand can move smoothly. A power reserve of approximately 70 hours means that you can take off the watch on Friday night and put it into use and ready to wear on Monday morning. The 3-in-1 1/4 second 30 minutes 12 hour chronograph will meet all your possible timing needs. With the aid of the timing mechanism, satisfactory activation and resetting can be achieved on the large buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock. It ends with a 4:30 date aperture. In appearance, this is the strap of our Breitling Avenger 50 on TWC Preown, which fits perfectly. In addition to the yellow and black colors, the hybrid strap is also made of military-style canvas, with a yellow rubber side wall and lower layer on the top, and an easy-to-adjust button to expand the buckle. The thickness and ductility of the strap is amazing. Although it has the size of a watch, it can be worn on almost any wrist.

I should not express an opinion. But the Breitling Hurricane Avenger 50 is a stunning watch. Visually, it is unmistakable. Not only due to its huge size, but the amazing combination of yellow and black also brings an amazing overall beauty, undoubtedly “Breitling”! Although the size of the Avenger 50 is very large, you don’t need a wrist like a tree trunk to pull it apart, and it can be worn comfortably on most wrists with a large hybrid belt. All in all, whether it’s huge size, bold color scheme or versatile military design, we will miss this excellent watch when we leave.