De Bethune DB two tourbillons

De Bethune replica launched a watch with two faces

Two dials, two identities
For more than two centuries, double-sided dials were born in the hands of knowledgeable watchmakers. As watchmakers increasingly tend to develop more complex models, double-sided watch cases are becoming more and more common, and this solution allows their creators to fully express their expertise. During the Renaissance, the tower clock (the most famous of which was located in Venice) had several faces. Soon after, some table clocks with vertical four-sided dials also displayed multiple logos in a single object. It was followed by pocket watches with two dials, the most famous of which was Louis Leroy’s Leroy 01-which came out in 1900 and was presented at the Paris World Exposition Won the championship of the Grand Prix – for a long time, this has been the most complicated watch.

Contemporary style with double-sided tables
Under the surface simplicity of this Shopping replica watch, De Bethune obviously did not adopt the simplest method. This watch involves two dials, which embodies the real watchmaking challenge. Both front and rear views show real changes.

In Denis Flageollet’s mind, this idea has been formed for many years, and he firmly believes that it will provide him with unprecedented research fields and the opportunity to provide different contemporary interpretations.

Two very different faces
Perfect is completely reversible and can be worn on either side according to the current mood. This model is equipped with a highly complex mechanical device based on a complex gear and pinion system, which is arranged on the front or back of the watch, no matter which dial is selected, the hands can turn in the right direction.

The initial inspiration was to create watches with two distinct identities, where aesthetics guided the technical design of a new movement entirely developed by the manufacturer of De Dethune in L’Auberson, Jura, Switzerland.

The front of the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon watch shows a dial with a stylish modern design, the central hour and minute hands, and the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, with a 30-second display. Under the premise of providing a minimum height for a tourbillon watch, a lot of work has been done to integrate polished, curved shapes, matt or glossy components, different thicknesses and levels, so as to create ample space and the best sense of volume. A new type of deltoid-shaped bridge-this time completely symmetrical-is positioned in the center, like an isosceles triangle, contributing to the overall sense of harmony.

The other side shows a dial inspired by traditional aesthetics. The center of the dial has an exquisite hand-made guilloche pattern. The periphery of the case is surrounded by the numbers on the dials of the De Bethune model (such as DB8 and DB10). The tourbillon with the seconds hand disappeared, and the hour, minute and second hands were all in the center. This represents an extremely subtle technical challenge that may not be felt at first glance, and this is the elegance of this watch.

Floating ears played a full role
The easy-to-use, but highly complex floating lug system is ideal for the “pivoting” of the receiver.

After redesign, each side of these elements is equipped with a clever small rotating mechanism composed of 28 parts. For reliability purposes, they are made of stainless materials, such as surgical steel or titanium, so they can withstand external aggressions such as water, humidity, temperature changes and constant contact with the skin.

Thanks to a cam, a small “notch” makes the case instinctively perfectly aligned with the floating lugs. The round case rotates around its central axis and can be placed back and forth in a pleasingly relaxed, smooth and completely natural way.

DB29, the case itself is suitable for rotating watches
In the end, DB29 case middleware quickly became a key element of the pivot case project developed by De Bethune. The perfectly symmetrical shape is perfectly balanced with the floating lugs, and the elegant crown is fully integrated at 12 o’clock (or 6 o’clock, depending on the selected side). Therefore, it can rotate naturally, and the principle of the circle is obvious in the patent, and objects can be truly understood.

All in all, DB Kind of Two Tourbillon DB Kind of Two Tourbillon (tourbillon two tourbillon) with its elegant design, combines the appearance of a modern movement and a more traditional face, as well as the careful care of details, legibility and comfort. , Perfectly interprets a principle of the watch factory. Bethune: Reinterpreting tradition with contemporary watch objects, thus opening up a new field of exquisite and refined expression, while maintaining user-friendliness and simplicity.