MB&F LM101 limited edition, stainless steel

MB&F LM101 RG 51.RL.W Replica Watch

I really believe in what independent brands like Max Büsser and Friends ( luxury MB&F ) are doing, and even more importantly, what they mean to the industry. Independent watchmaking and those large-scale group watchmaking are actually a completely different world, and I have always admired many of them who can indeed do this in various situations. That’s why I’m proud to announce today that we have partnered with MB&F to create a very special watch, just as we think readers would have hoped-40mm, with an extraordinary refined internal movement, limited to 10 pieces, by us Design three straps. Oh, this is the first time in MB&F history that this LM101 will be housed in a stainless steel case.

Legacy Machine 101 was launched in May 2014 and has received unanimous praise from users. It is not only MB&F’s cheapest timepiece to date, but also the smallest and most durable watch. But the most important thing is that the movement of LM101 is indeed the first movement designed by MB&F completely independently, and not designed by one of Max’s many “friends”, which is the largest movement today. A very important milestone for a charming and innovative brand. However, what remains is the absolutely crazy quality and finishing level of the case, dial, strap, buckle, movement and even the box. The finishing of the movement was designed by many Mr. Kari Voutilainen, and the same is true for the 101 limited edition.

The dial of LM101 has the essence of a timepiece: the beautiful white lacquered dial shows the time and power reserve, and the incredible 14mm oversized adjustment mechanism-the balance wheel-floats high above it. The LM101 Limited Edition For watch has a rich metallic brown dial, which has never been seen on MB&F, and the lacquered dial and amazing polished balance wheel perfectly offset the position of the balance wheel.

Excellent design, durable
Legacy Machine 101 has always been my favorite among MB&F creations because, frankly, this is the one I can imagine myself wearing. I can see myself dressing up well in a jacket and tie at the brand show, sliding smoothly under the jacket cuffs, just as easily as the hoodies and Barbour jackets I wear with my friends on weekends. However, all LM watches are gold. For me, the ultimate luxury does not have to worry about scratches caused by the softness of gold, and still wear one of the best handmade watches in the world.


Therefore, stainless steel LM101 is my personal request to Mr. Max Büsser more than a year ago. It is very exciting for me to see it popular in the real world, and I sincerely hope you like our ideas.

MB&F LM101 is not only made of stainless steel, but also equipped with three completely different straps.

We hope to equip LM101 with three completely different straps to make LM101 have higher wear resistance and even go further. As you might have guessed, we are a bit dull about belts, and we think that anyone who wants stainless steel MB&F may also want to choose a belt based on mood, occasion or clothes.

Each watch has all three options, all of which are designed and produced for Legacy Machine, with the best size and quality. Each strap is completely handmade and customized on demand. All three strap options have a completely unique appearance and completely change the steel personality of LM101. Why do we provide three completely different straps for LM101? Because this is how we think all watches should appear.

Traditional watchmaking excels

One of the MB&F missions that I respect most is the unwavering commitment to quality. Say you want some crazy designs of Max, but no matter how weird, the manufacturing quality and decoration are absolutely top-notch. MB&F’s first internal movement, LM101, will bring you world-class polishing effects, such as huge deep bevels, wide Geneva stripes and gorgeous countersunk screws. All carvings are completely done by hand.

The surface treatment of LM101 is indeed one of the best craftsmanship in the world, which is not surprising, because the aesthetic prosperity was designed by one of the greatest watchmakers in existence, Kari Voutilainen. This 229 component movement has a 45-hour power reserve and is equipped with a tailor-made 14 mm balance wheel and four traditional adjustment screws. All of this can be seen through some of the most impressive (and most expensive) sapphire crystals the luxury replica watches industry has ever seen. MB&F LM101 proves that today’s traditional watchmaking industry can exist, but it is different.

When we studied the idea of ​​LM101, we knew that we should pay attention to some considerations: make it wearable-we are made of stainless steel; make it versatile-we provide it with a rich brown dial and three different The strap option does this; and we know we want to make it different. For this, we only need to debug 10 pieces for the whole world. This is the most limited MB&F Legacy Machine so far, which makes us really feel that it can be collected and expected for a long time.

Considering that the watch you get is extremely limited, and this is exactly MB&F’s first in-house work, its crazy finished movement is designed by Kari, the price is really good Voutilainen, and three specially designed for LM101 Handmade steel strap. Oh, we will also deliver free shipping and insurance anywhere in the world.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, we will be back as soon as possible in an exciting way!