A symbol of diligence step by step: Breguet Classique 7145 Year of the Ox limited edition watch

Breguet welcomes the Year of the Taurus with a limited edition of 8 Classique 7145 watches. The brand’s craftsmen create the dial in platinum, perfectly presenting the two professional and exquisite craftsmanship inherited by Breguet since the 18th century. The entire dial is like a fan that unfolds lightly, fully interpreting the exquisite hand-carved craftsmanship. In Chinese culture, Niu gives people an image of stability, honesty and diligence, while the engraving craftsmanship of the brand’s craftsmen outlines the golden bull on the dial vividly. The color theme of the dial contains a variety of black tones. The exquisite rose gold Breguet hands walk around without hesitation, and are decorated with simple and low-key round hour markers to make the work perfect. The Classique 7145 Year of the Ox limited edition watch is paired with a rose gold case, which forms a striking contrast with the white gold dial.

The dial buffalo combines engraving and machine-engraving techniques, and after multiple electroplating treatments, it presents four different tones, vividly engraving the appearance of the buffalo.

The craftsmanship of Zodiac watches spanning the centuries
Breguet’s machine-engraving process for decorating the dial can be traced back to the end of the eighteenth century. The brand uses this technique to decorate the Classique 7145 Year of the Ox watch with fine wave patterns, which bloom on the white gold dial in a fan-shaped pattern between five o’clock and six o’clock. This design is fine and accurate to one-tenth of a millimeter, stressing patience and extraordinary traditional hand-carved craftsmanship.

On the other hand, craftsmen use chisels of different sizes to engrave the golden bull with gold, which makes the Taurus design stand out with a firm attitude. This thrilling process must be handled extremely accurately. In order to protect the background of machine-engraved carvings, a small mistake is enough to destroy the overall design, which can be described as affecting the whole body.

The black tones of different shades make the engraved two cows contrast with each other. The gold surface has been electroplated several times and presented in four different tones. The horns and hooves show completely different natural white gold luster. This technique emphasizes extremely dexterous craftsmanship and is indispensable for a seamless work. The eyes of the Taurus are painted with smooth black lacquer, and the contours are deepened with a white frame, making a pair of soul windows more profound. The exquisite craftsmanship of Breguet craftsmen brings a pair of golden bulls to life, spreading the beautiful character of stability, reliability and firm confidence.

Classique 7145 Year of the Ox limited edition watch
18K rose gold case, diameter 40 mm, hand-engraved gold Grand Feu enamel dial, hours and minutes, 502.3 automatic winding ultra-thin movement, thickness 2.4 mm, sapphire crystal glass mirror and back cover, water resistance 30 meters.

Classic Breguet style
The hollow hands use Breguet’s unique shape to indicate the hours and minutes on the exquisite dial. The hour circle hands and hour markers are made of rose gold and matched with a rose gold case to make the time clear and easy to read. The traditional Breguet signature is set in the 12 o’clock carved position. The Classique 7145 Year of the Ox watch is equipped with a case decorated with fine coin patterns. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the self-winding calibre 502/3 is at a glance, and its power reserve reaches 45 hours. The gold automatic plate is decorated with machine-engraved flowers. The back cover is engraved with Breguet’s signature and the watch’s independent serial number. This serial number has been included in the Breguet register since 1780. The owner of the watch can also list his own name Into it.

Breguet has perfectly combined the art of watchmaking, engraving and machine-engraved craftsmanship with a century of exquisite craftsmanship to create the Classique 7145 Year of the Ox limited edition watch. It pays tribute to this zodiac and praises its unwavering and serious character.