Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious appeared in Baselworld

The stunning Twin Turbo Furious watch released by Jacob & Co. at Baselworld a few days ago continues to shock and awe each of us. To say the least, this eye-catching timepiece has a crazy design, with a dual three-axis tourbillon, a decimal minute repeater, a chronograph and many other functions. Real watch enthusiasts will understand the true value of this interesting piece.

The 57mm black DLC titanium alloy and carbon fiber shell consists of 88 parts, which will help Twin Turbo Furious stand out no matter where you roam. The dial is smoked sapphire crystal, which looks cool, and at the same time gives us a glimpse of this impressive movement below.

The manual winding movement JCFM05 powers 832 components and 75 jewels, enabling Twin Turbo Furious to benefit from a 50-hour power reserve. Therefore, this watch has a suitable appearance, superb technology and powerful functions that make us daydream engrossed.

You will quickly understand why you are indifferent to the exuberance of this watch. The spectacular Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious is equipped with a belt, and the strap is fixed on the folding buckle.

Not surprisingly, the price of this outrageous work far exceeds that of mortals. But you should know that it will only be produced in limited quantities, so who knows? Maybe you are one of the lucky 18 year olds.

Jacob & Co.’s Opera music watch will make you intoxicated

Jacob & Co.’s latest work looks more like a work of art than an actual clock. It has all the features that are breathtaking, from the fascinating design to the fascinating movement and amazing music. The Jacob & Co. Opera musical is limited to 18 units, which will make your day more exciting, thanks to the lovely 20-second melody, when the button at 2 o’clock is pressed, the melody will be 120 The notes are arranged.

This may sound confusing, but truly passionate people will realize that this unique feature is very close to true magic. The beautiful melody of this fascinating timepiece comes from the two music box cylinders on the dial, which are installed on the specially developed manual winding JCFM02 movement, and also incorporate titanium components for ideal sound transmission.

The gorgeous 18kt rose gold touch continues to bring surprises, which contrasts sharply with the black DLC titanium case, which is 47 mm wide and made of sapphire crystal. This watch and its beautiful music can even handle waters up to 30 meters deep, and the internal movement JCFM02 will receive 72 hours of power support-it may only need them.

The matte black lacquered dial is the finishing touch, with golden hour markers and blue star hands, although no one can divert attention to that wonderful dial (if we can call it) or Music class, you like it better anyway. If you ever wanted to wear music on your wrist, that might be enough! replica watches luxury