ASTRONOMIA Tourbillon Rose Gold

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ASTRONOMIA is the epitome of ultra-high-end watchmaking in the 21st century and a symbol of global recognition of Jacob&Co watchmaking expertise. Astronomy ranks first in the world in terms of its unprecedented conceptual courage and complete mechanical structure, not only surpassing impressive horological achievements, but also considered to be an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering achievement.

The astronomical tourbillon represents the essence of astronomy: this is a cinematic sculpture whose four-arm movement structure makes it move, rotates in its spectacular case and floats in a sapphire bound space. Full of unparalleled watchmaking solutions, and supplemented by excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, the astronomical tourbillon has won an unparalleled iconic reputation in the field of haute horology.

The four arms of the astronomical tourbillon are equipped with a three-axis tourbillon chronograph mechanism. The hand-painted blue magnesium metal spherical mirror can show Planet Earth at a glance. The unique Jacob-Cut® 1 carat diamond has 288 facets and differential levels. , Skeletonized time display. This four-arm assembly completes the rotation around the center of the watch and the spectacular background in 20 minutes. Another amazing feature of the astronomical tourbillon is how each pair of opposing arms perfectly calculates each other’s counterweight-a testament to the unparalleled material engineering and watch movement design. By putting equal weight on these opposing arms, its axis can relieve stress and increase tension when the movement occupies different spatial directions.

The tourbillon was originally invented as a single-axis rotating cage, which can carry the adjustment mechanism of a mechanical pocket copy watch, thereby improving the chronograph performance, while the astronomical tourbillon brought this 224-year-old invention to a stunning modern elegance and Level of complexity.

The three-axis tourbillon of the astronomical tourbillon is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The beautifully decorated case of the three-axis tourbillon encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and many other vital components. This outstanding tourbillon is characterized by a hollow cage that can rotate on three axes simultaneously. This is a set of superb finished products, after professional assembly and fine-tuning, can make JCAM10 keep accurate time in the whole power reserve of 60 hours.

To pay tribute to the traditional single-axis tourbillon, it takes 60 seconds for the first axis to fully rotate. The second axis of rotation takes 5 minutes to complete, while the third axis of rotation can be achieved by a four-arm rotating platform with a 20-minute astronomy tourbillon. When designing with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology and timeless watch traditions, this gives a bold new look to how the tourbillon functions.

The special 288 faceted Jacob-Cut diamond is a feature of the Astronomia series (sometimes we also use Jacob-Cut citrine). There is only one supplier in the world that can produce this patented cutting disc, and their headquarters are in Israel. The following are the steps to create it:

Jacob-Cut diamonds started out as round rough diamonds. First, you must find a large enough rough diamond, which must have the highest purity, clarity and color both inside and outside, and there must be no inclusions. If they start to cut the diamond and find inclusions, the entire diamond will be destroyed.

Next, use a machine to cut the diamond into a round shape with a size close to the final diamond.

Then, the gem cutter shapes the gemstone by hand, cutting out each individual face (288 pieces). This must be done slowly and carefully, because the stone must be perfectly round and symmetrical. The danger is that the stone will become rectangular instead of round. To be used in an astronomical collection, a Jacob cut diamond must be completely round and weigh exactly the same as the other three satellites (time display, three-axis tourbillon, and magnesium globe).

During this process, if the gem cutter applies too much pressure when adding facets, too many diamonds will be cut, and the ball will eventually be smaller than the required diameter. The cutting process requires at least two weeks of hard work.

In order to produce the final one-carat 288-faceted Jacobs cut diamond, more than half of the original rough diamond will be cut.

The complexity of hand-cutting 288 facets and ensuring that all objects are symmetrical and that the diamond is absolutely round makes the Jacob & Co. diamond used in the astronomy series so special.

The globe is made of blue lacquered magnesium with rose gold continents to ensure weight consistency, as all four satellites must have exactly the same weight. The earth rotates in 60 seconds, and revolves on the dial for 10 minutes.

The case of the astronomical tourbillon has a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 25 mm, between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of the case. Made of 18K rose gold or 18K white gold, each style is equipped with four sapphire crystal glass windows around the case, allowing you to enjoy the spectacular movement inside the movement at a glance.

The time display sub-dial of the astronomical tourbillon is driven by an infinitesimal differential system. When it rotates in front of the astronomer with the four-arm platform of the movement, it always remains horizontal and clear and easy to read. The Roman numerals on the hollow dial are hand-engraved and painted with black varnish, while the hand-made hands are dark blue metallic.