Greubel Forsey launches Balancier S

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Last year launched the first sports watch-an expensive world time tourbillon-Greubel Forsey introduced a simpler model, the BalancierS.

Balancier S conveys the look and feel of its older brother, but relatively speaking, it only has a timing function in a thinner case and is more affordable.

initial thoughts
Although I have only seen Balancier S in photos, it is certain that it has the look and feel of GMT Sport-that’s it. Therefore, Balancier S is a large watch, lighter than it looks, and can fit well on the wrist due to the arched case.

Aesthetics is a mechanical change of Greubel Forsey’s usual technology. Although it cannot be said to be beautiful, it is still suitable for sports watches.

As with all Greubel Forsey fake watches, fit and finish are exemplary, especially for sports watches. Although the movement is simpler than GMT-most of the rear is covered with a beautifully large bridge-it still has details specific to Greubel Forsey, including the jewels on the pendant and professionally polished hand.

According to Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Greubel Forsey, the starting point of Balancier S is to “configure the internal balance of [Greubel Forsey] to tilt at 30 degrees.” As a result, this is the first watch in the brand’s series that is equipped with an oversized, adjustable quality balance wheel in the tilt direction. The balance wheel has a diameter of about 13 mm and sits at a large enough angle, so there is only a small gap between it and the hand.

The pointer is fixed on the bridge with a fixed height so that the big barrel can sit under the pointer. Although the pointer bridge of the GMT Sport is similar, the Balancier S relies on a larger diatonic bridge to enhance the visual impact. fake luxury watches

Although the appearance is modern, Mr. Fauci pointed out that the details of the movement’s decoration “are a hint of tradition.”

The main plates and bridges of the movement are titanium alloys rather than traditional brass or nickel silver, but they are still decorated with frosted concave surfaces and raised, polished bezels. What’s more noteworthy is that all bridges have sharp inward corners on the contours, which require more handwork than round corners.

The width of the case is 43 mm, almost the same as the GMT Sport, but thinner at 13.75 mm. It is made of titanium with a black rubber-coated strap for contrast. The strap and crown are also rubber. Although they are black, Greubel Forsey offers a variety of colors. The strap and crown insert are sold as a set, so the crown will match the strap.

The integrated rubber strap is fixed by a titanium metal plate, which is fixed with screws, and the rubber crown is actually an outer cover fixed by a bayonet lock. The crown can be easily replaced to match the strap.

Regarding the inevitable titanium bracelet question, Mr. Fauci replied: “[Bracelet] is not in the concept. Many brands have launched sports watches-steel bracelets with blue dials. We don’t want to get involved in this field.”

Mr. Forsey spared no effort in the future development direction of sports watches, only allowing this design language “may exist” to become a recurring element of the series. He did confirm that the sports or “S” series are different, such as invention or technology.

Greubel Forsey Balancier S

Diameter: strap 43mm; bezel 45mm
Height: 13.75 mm
Material: Titanium
Water resistance: 100m

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds and battery display
Winding: manual winding
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 72 hours

Strap: Rubber with titanium alloy folding clasp