Zenith DEFY 21

Zenith Defy DOUBLE TOURBILLON 10.9000.9020/79.R918 Replica Watch

The collision of “black” and “white” pursues the charm of personality on the wrist Who has the best looks of each new product this year? replica Zenith, a powerful watch brand with the title of “one of the four largest Swiss watch factories”, definitely ranks in the top three! The DEFY series of new products released by Zenith in the second half of this year are outstanding both in terms of appearance and configuration: the “showy” color matching, the one-piece appearance that leads Swiss watch pioneers, plus El Primero’s high-frequency chronograph movement takes the lead in its class.

Not long ago, Zenith launched another heavy attack, perfectly fusing the two colors of white and quiet black, which are rarely seen in the watch market, to create a new DEFY 21 black and white watch with a more modern charm, bringing a cooler, More dazzling new works. Different from traditional chronograph watches, the design of DEFY series watches is full of mystery and futuristic sense. The avant-garde hollow style and rare extremely fast chronograph movement make it unmatched by other chronograph models on the market. Now, Zenith has presented an extremely bold color matching design based on these advantages, using contrasting black and white colors to outline avant-garde fashion and smooth appearance, one black and one white, the strong visual impact is very in line with contemporary fashionistas. Aesthetic standards. (Watch model: 49.9007.9004/11.R923)

From a visual point of view, the new DEFY 21 black and white watch presents a completely different aesthetic. Although the overall tone of the watch adopts a large area of ​​white design, the dull black style of the case and the dial surface collides with this pure white color, forming a unique and distinctive effect. When worn, this black-and-white watch will not look too ostentatious, but at the same time it is very fashionable and cool.

Watching a watch, if white gives the soul of the watch, then black is responsible for the depiction and outline. The new DEFY 21 black and white watch is equipped with a black ceramic case. The unique material gives the watch a dull and low color, which is extremely atmospheric.

Although the diameter of the case is 44 mm, the design of this one-piece case makes the watch visually appear to be of moderate size. best luxury replica watches with thinner wrists can also try it.

In addition, in addition to the use of ceramic materials to create the case, the bezel of the watch is also made of white ceramic. The design of this ceramic material allows it to remain fresh and bright forever even after many years.

Square chronograph buttons on both sides and a central non-slip crown. Viewed from the front, the outer scale ring, hands, hour markers and 30-minute counter of the hollowed-out dial are all in white design, which is distinguished from the black hollowed-out dial, making the reading clearer. The white rhodium-plated faceted hour markers, hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova®SLN C1 luminous material to ensure the watch’s night vision function.

The dynamic storage display panel at the 12 o’clock position is composed of two colors, one black and one white, which enhances the sense of design and facilitates the wearer to check the dynamic storage time. The white 1/100-second scale and 30-minute counter seem to be suspended in the black movement. on.

Through the hollow dial, we can see the dull and deep black movement, which matches the white scale very handsomely. The replicas watches is equipped with El Primero 9004 automatic winding movement, with two escapements, one set is used for running time, the other set is used for timing, the two groups do not interfere with each other, which greatly improves The accuracy of the timekeeping of the watch.

Among them, the escapement responsible for controlling the timing function can provide a high-frequency oscillation speed of 360,000 times/hour -50 Hz, which means that when the wearer activates the button, the middle pointer on the dial can rotate one circle per second, which is extremely fast. The accuracy can reach 1/100 second. Therefore, we can observe carefully that the panel structure of the Zenith DEFY 21 watch is also different from the conventional chronographs on the market. It especially sets up a 60-second chronograph at the 6 o’clock position of the dial to show the wearer. The ultra-high timing level can be accurate to 0.01 second.

In addition to the high-precision chronograph function, the time part of this watch is also certified by the TIME LAB chronometer. The two systems do not interfere with each other and the time is more accurate. After fully winding, the watch can provide 50 hours of power reserve. , The waterproof depth can reach 100 meters. Zenith equipped this watch with a black rubber strap, which is practical and sturdy and enhances the sporty properties of the watch. The outer side of the strap is also covered with a white “Cordura nylon effect”, creating a stylish tone that matches the overall black and white.

If the previous purple or pink Zenith DEFY series new products are “showy” and charming, then this brand new DEFY 21 black and white watch is modern and fashionable. It has contemporary and trendy charm without losing its rigorous and handsome style. Suitable for those who pursue a refined life.