Hands-on – Bovet Recital 22 “Grand Recital” – fascinating astronomical watch

Bovet Recital 22 Grand Recital R220001 Replica watch

Timekeeping is a product of astronomy. Everything related to the calculation of time and calendar indications is related to the movement of the earth, the moon, and of course the sun. Not surprisingly, some brands (some brands…) use it to make complex and charming watches. For the latest work, Bovet performed an excellent watch recital, leading the earth, sun and moon to the celestial “Detroit”. Admire the charming Bovet Recital 22 “Grand Recital”.

Horology originated from astronomy. Ever since mankind wants to know the passage of time, our life schedule has been affected by the movement of celestial bodies and their regular cycles. As we know today, the concept of time is measured according to human perception. Therefore, the calculation is based on the regular motion of the earth compared to the observable stars and planets.

Bovet has been meticulously making a series of complex watches to explore this theme, which evokes a poetic sense of science and art from the time. In 2016, the overture is an impressive meteor, a five-day tourbillon with jumping hours, retrograde minutes and a hemispherical dual moon phase. A year later, Astérium was watched by a 10-day flying tourbillon. Today, Bovet celebrates the three celestial bodies that set the rhythm of our lives with the 22nd solo concert “Grand Recital”, namely the sun, the earth and the moon.

First, starting with the most familiar star, the sun is represented by a one-minute tourbillon, which rises above the surface of the movement, as if floating in mid-air. The tourbillon cage has five arms that recall the rays of the sun. At 12 o’clock, the earth is a hand-drawn hemisphere showing the number of hours. A precise moon (which needs to be corrected by one day in 122 years) revolves around it. Retrograde minutes and power reserve indicators are displayed in hemispherical areas on both sides of the earth. A sapphire crystal is inserted in its center to amplify the mechanical complexity below. wholesale watches replica

Last but not least, the date is displayed through a magnifying glass at 7 o’clock. But this is not only a standard date, but also a perpetual calendar, presented in a clever way.

The date is the only information displayed because it is the only important information every day. Everyone knows the month or day of the week without having to check the calendar. On the other hand, the date is needed to set up your perpetual calendar. To do this, just flip Bovet Recital 22 “Grand Recital” over. Here, you will find all perpetual calendar displays, and the date is displayed through a retrograde mechanism driven by a patented micrometer.

Another smart feature is the calendar setting mechanism. In addition to the traditional corrector used to adjust each indication individually, it can also be adjusted via a user-friendly rectangular pusher located between the upper lugs. It allows all instructions to be carried out simultaneously for one day. Therefore, if your watch is stopped for five days, you only need to press the button 5 times to set the watch.

The movement inside Bovet Recital 22 “Grand Recital” is manual movement 17DM03-TEL. It contains no less than 472 parts and operates 18,000 vibrations per hour. Its single barrel can store up to 9 days of power. It is housed in the “Ecritoire” (French writing twill) case, and its asymmetrical inclined design is inseparable from the structure of the movement. At the same time, even if the diameter is large, it can make the watch close to the wrist. It has a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 19.60 mm, the same dimensions as Astérium.

In addition to the impressive technicality of this watch, Grand Recital also has beauty. This three-dimensional microcosm literally penetrates light thoroughly and reveals many complex details. In order to demonstrate the brand’s uncompromising moral demeanor, the finishing is first-class. Excellent craftsmanship, meticulous attention to details and mastery of traditional craftsmanship throughout.

Bovet is a manufacturer with few levels of vertical integration. If you have the opportunity to visit, you will understand why. There, detail-conscious professionals not only mass-produce the movement (including the balance spring), but also manufacture external parts such as dials.

For example, the manufacture of the globe requires 15 days of work time. The hemispheres processed inside are hand-carved and hand-painted with striking details. Technicians incorporate luminescent substances into miniature paintings. Then, before painting the cloud, cover it with a few layers of clear varnish. As a result, the depth, light and realism of this representation of the earth are impressive.

“Grand Recital” is worn on the titanium version of the alligator strap or the black fabric strap. Finally, several customization options are proposed, which are achieved through most of the in-house manufacturing of the Online fake watch.