HYT’s new FLOW series inspires different time philosophies

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After the HYT SOONOW Instant Rainbow shines in the sound of confinement, HYT’s time-filled timepiece once again lifted our spirits… literally! HYT FLOW

HYT’s time philosophy is unparalleled, always trying to express time as a continuous flow of life and experience, rather than counting down irreversible seconds. HYT time is very long now, reminding us that the only important moment is now.

Gregory Dourde, CEO of HYT, said in a recent interview: “We are not trying to make the most precise watches to a tenth of a second. We are timekeepers, not timekeepers. “

HYT’s unique time perspective is displayed by the brand’s original liquid display, a bit like an old-fashioned thermometer. Two liquids (one colored and one transparent) are used to indicate the hours. These liquids move around the dial in a small glass capillary to achieve the rhythm of time. The hour is indicated at the point of confluence between the two liquids and the minute is indicated on the subdial at 12 o’clock.

Flow time
Just when you think François Nunez, the creative director of HYT, cannot surpass the last timepiece (SOONOW Instant Rainbow in this case), he “dropped” another wild creative design that made us awe. Please welcome the new FLOW Eternity and HYT FLOW Infinity, which include many new designs and technical features.

Light inside the movement
Before introducing all the new design elements, let’s start with the “star” innovation that debuted inside FLOW. This brand-new proprietary feature emits light on demand by using a specially developed micro-generator that can store and eliminate energy to activate 13 carefully positioned LEDs in the Eternity version and 8 LEDs in the Infinity version. This burst of light is activated by a button and spreads the light on the engraved dial in a different playful manner on each model.

“What time and light have in common is that they are both fluid. We are talking about the flow of time and the flow of electric energy. By naming this FLOW set, it is the parallelism we want to emphasize.” Nunez said. wholesale fake watch

“Objects are only related to light. Light shows bystanders, emphasizes and exposes them, and enhances, deepens and amplifies them. Therefore, integrating light into the design process proved to be simple and intuitive,” he said.

Flow eternal
The FLOW Eternity version has a blue liquid display and an opaque rhodium rhodium hollow dial. The dial is made of electro-erosion technology, which can accurately cut out bumps and waves from the metal. In order to enhance the reflection effect of the LED light below, a dome of 73 rectangular diamonds (about 1.7 carats) is placed on the dial at 6 o’clock. Its function is similar to a disco ball, which can reflect and refract light in all directions.

Infinite flow
The FLOW Infinity model showcases the brand’s black fluid module, which is located above the green Super-LumiNova rail to provide additional luminosity and clarity at night. Due to the use of anthracite milky white paint, the dial is darker in color and has a novel and interesting conical vortex that makes the eyes enter the heart of the timepiece. When the light is activated, the bellows can be felt deep below the vortex.

All details
Both discount replica watches are limited to 25 pieces and are powered by the brand’s exclusive manual winding movement (65-hour power reserve, indicator on the dial) and an exclusive patented microfluidic module. They use a 51 mm stainless steel case and are water-resistant to 30 meters.

HYT always inspires us to perceive the fluidity of time in a dynamic, technical and inspiring way. In this challenging era, the creativity of timepieces is especially refreshing. We look forward to this innovative brand launching more timepieces in the future…even if we should probably stay in the moment!