Hands-on Hublot Big Bang Points

In the past two years, the demand for fake watches with integrated bracelets has been greater than ever. The appearance of Big Bang Integral is not necessarily surprising, because there has never been a better time to release Hublot with an integrated bracelet, but this is indeed an interesting deviation from one of the core tenets of Big Bang design. It uses rubber instead of bracelets.

In 2005, after a brief absence from the watch industry, Jean-Claude Biver (Jean-Claude Biver) pushed Hublot Big Bang into an industry that focused on his every move. The “Big Bang” was not universally accepted as soon as it was born, but one thing is certain: it enhanced the brand’s image and ushered in a new era of popularity and interest. It is full of classic Biver magic, which earned him a legendary status in the industry during his tenure at Blancpain and Omega.

From the beginning, the rubber strap has been the backbone of the Hublot replica brand image, and Biver knows this. In fact, it is this “fusion” of rubber and precious metals that has become part of Big Bang’s creative story. In a conversation with our own Joe Thompson (Joe Thompson), Biver explained how the Big Bang was formed by the fusion of two elements: “One tree from Malaysia: natural rubber; the other from South Africa Underground: Gold. These two elements can only be integrated through the Big Bang.”

Over the years, the “Big Bang” has achieved great success and produced many pleasant iterations. However, if there is no gold to stay, then neither gold nor rubber is left.

Considering the adversity at the beginning of the Big Bang, including the one-piece bracelet seemed to violate the guidelines of the initial design. The support of integrated bracelets marked the era of modern watchmaking. Some people may say that following the trend is succumbing to the current trend, but I would say that Hublot has always been able to make watches like Integral, and it will be popular anyway.

Hublot 451.CX.1140.CX Big Bang Unico Integral All Black 42mm Replica watch

They are just waiting for the right time. Using precious metals to create a one-piece bracelet for Big Bang is nothing groundbreaking. Make precious metal watches look good on rubber, and they have been using it with Big Bang for the past 15 years. My opinion is that Hublot said: “Go there and do it, and now, you can finally give people what they want.”

Historically, Hublot’s approach to marketing watches has been unconventional, with a high reputation, highly targeted brand positioning, and a very unique and bold position in the watchmaking industry. A small part of the reason that may cause this situation is that many watch enthusiasts have greatly appreciated watches replica such as “Big Bang”. This is an idea that luxury watches should not dare to use low rubber straps, despite this concept recently Has disappeared.

It is 2020 now. Of course we have gone beyond the clichés of watch passion. There are no rules. For Hublot’s contrarian side, now is the perfect time to release the watch, which evokes the idea that there are no rules at all, because they have never been played.

For a long time, many collectors I talk to in the watch industry have been curious about Hublot. Of course I have been. Although I am not interested in some auxiliary aspects of Hublot’s lifestyle, I am completely fascinated by the way Hublot handles materials. Big Bang points use three materials: titanium, black ceramic and gold king. These three watch cases all use the same beveled and chamfered case and bracelet structure, but as one would expect, they are worn in completely different ways.

The king’s gold bracelet is wrapped around the wrist, just as I imagined it hanging on the wrist of the royal family that ruled the kingdom of the past. King gold is formed using a higher percentage of copper and platinum, giving me a red hue. In my eyes, it is more luxurious and richer than gold. Titanium and ceramic lightly breeze on the wrist. They can easily fade into the background in a completely different way than gold.

The bridge behind each hollow dial matches the material used. The ceramic replica watch has a black bridge. The titanium bridge is finished similarly to the rest of the watch, but again, the king gold stretches out so that there is an immediate contrast between the case and the original finish on the bridge. On all three models, the screws for the decorative bezel are also incomplete. Of course, they are not consistent.

The key part of Big Bang’s overall design is the seamless transition from the lugs to the bracelet. This single detail is executed with purpose and intention. The angle formed by the solid end connector and the housing is uniform, and no fancy visual engineering is required to cover up unsightly joints. Things just line up as expected. Very clean

Speaking of simplicity, the overall dial got rid of the Arabic numerals and instead used simple marks. These visual marks focused on the shape of the case and finally turned their attention to the technical elements displayed by the hollow dial, such as the HUB1280 movement. Cylindrical wheel. High-tech supercars made of cutting-edge materials usually come with a glass panel to see the engine, and Integral follows the same philosophy. Those who seek visual appreciation will not lose all these technological advancements.

Depending on the model, the range of case materials is different, but the rubber molding on the crown and the resin bumpers on both sides of the bezel make the watch wind up or circulate in the case to bring the whole line to the middle. The touch of points. Date wheel. This part is deliberate: the putter is directly taken from the early design of Big Bang.

So, how does Integral compete with the new models on the one-piece bracelets that have recently appeared on the market (such as Bell & Ross BR-05 or Chopard Alpine Eagle)? I’m not sure it is. Hublot claims that their guiding philosophy is “unique and distinctive”, and points do support this. It is not made of stainless steel, and this alone puts Hublot in a different category. Stainless steel is a place where traditions are passed on, with triple gold, titanium and ceramics flying on the face. In this sense, it continues a unique and distinctive tradition.

Big Bang points may be timely, but it’s hard to say it’s time. It is still a watch and has been in production since the beginning. Maybe this is part of the master plan that Mr. Biver made 15 years ago.

Hublot Big Bang Integral has three materials: titanium metal; gold gold; black ceramic. All three watches are 42 mm and the thickness is 13.45 mm. Black Ceramic watches, titanium and gold are not restricted. They are powered by the HUB1280 movement and have a power reserve of 72 hours. The reference numbers of the series are as follows: 451.NX.1170.NX (titanium), 451.OX.1180.OX (Golden King), 451.CX.1140.CX (black ceramic).

Hublot 451.CX.1140.CX Big Bang Unico Integral All Black 42mm Replica watch

Brand:Hublot watch
SERIES:Hublot Big Bang Unico Integral All Black 42mm
Crystal:Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color: Gray Skeleton
Clasp Type:Folding
Bracelet Strap:Ceramic
Functions:Fly-back Chronograph / Minutes / Seconds / Hours / Date