Franck Muller launches Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton watch

Franck Muller described the Revolution Tourbillon as the most ambitious, radical, and amazing achievement in the history of contemporary watchmaking. There is no doubt that the movements on these watches are the culmination of extraordinary innovation and mechanical engineering.

The Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton watch is the latest member of the series. Its dial and movement have been hollowed out, with black bridges and red indicators at a glance, showing the brand’s ambitions.

The three-axis tourbillon frame is located in the lower part of the watch and rotates once in 1 hour, 8 minutes and 60 seconds. Famulan is very satisfied with the tourbillon, and there are sapphire magnifying windows on both sides of the dial and the back of the case for easy viewing.

The case is made of grade 2 titanium, finished with a black PVD coating, and is paired with a red Alcantara strap.

Frank Muller (FRANCK MULLER) launches VANGUARD REVOLUTION 3 frame

Today, Franck Muller introduced the Vanguard Revolution 3 skull, which provides extraordinary technical wonders and emotions that only Frank Muller can find.

This watch uses an amazing skeleton movement, showing the skeletonized black bridge and red aluminum indicator in a stylish way, allowing you to observe one of the most exquisite mechanisms of all watches.

This three-axis tourbillon can correct gravity in all positions, while the classic tourbillon only compensates when the watch is in a vertical position. This complex frame system is a technological marvel and the result of one of the most complicated works in haute horology.

The extraordinary three-axis tourbillon that dominates the lower half of the movement slowly rotates the three movements in cycles of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 60 seconds. This highly complex mechanism makes the Vanguard Revolution 3 skeleton a miracle of precision, and most importantly a masterpiece of micromechanics.

Power flows from the gear train through all three carriages to activate the balance wheel five times per second. Since Revolution 3 has three carriages, the gear train has a lot of resistance to overcome. In order to provide enough energy to drive the three-axis tourbillon, the movement has a huge power reserve of 10 days. In addition, two retrograde indicators appeared at 8 o’clock and 8 o’clock, respectively, indicating the progress of the eight-minute carriage and the 60-second carriage. Shopping fake watch

This timepiece is placed in a pioneer case for the first time, with a unique sapphire dome on the front and back of the watch, which further highlights the magnificent three-axis tourbillon.

The Vanguard case is made of grade 2 titanium and is treated with a black PVD coating. The strap made of red Alcantara® effortlessly adopts the shape of the wrist, perfectly matching the red decoration on the movement and the Vanguard case.

The internal design of Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is completely internally designed and manufactured. It is a mechanical treasure that showcases Franck Muller’s exquisite manufacturing technology.

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For diving watches with practicality as the main consideration, the changes in style mainly come from the tooth-like shape of the unidirectional rotating bezel, the design of the crown guard, the bridge guard, or the matching of different colors. In addition, diving watches are not limited to round shapes, they may also be square, octagonal, and irregular shell shapes such as pillow-shaped and barrel-shaped. Various unique case shapes are used to break the established impression of watch fans. Come to a new experience.

FRANCK MULLER Skafander titanium case, rotating chronograph inner ring, diameter 46 x 57 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, automatic movement, power reserve 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, water resistance 100 meters, rubber buy fake watch band.