BREMONT launches KINGSMAN watches

This seems to be a long time ago, our collaboration between the last spoke Bremont and the sensational movie is about to be Kingsman: Secret Service, and in fact it has been a good few months, but now we are watching The location of the last undisclosed timepiece. This is a long wait. It is fair to say that the above association with the Bremont ALT1 watch does not fully represent the finished product. They have always been worth looking forward to.

From January this year, we can now confirm that the Kingsman watch series will consist of three distinct watches, and they will be obvious throughout the movie. Although it is still a few weeks away from the release of this film, many pictures of actors are still circulating on the Internet, and you can see many famous actors, such as Colin Firth and Samuel Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson), all wearing new Bremont astronomical clocks. Properly, Nick English, the co-founder of Bremont, also performed in Kingsman, and he will undoubtedly have the opportunity to show his work on the big screen. But what about the details of the watch itself?

As mentioned earlier, there are three models of Kingsman watches. The first is the rose gold chronograph world timer, which will be made by Agent Kingsman. The second is a stainless steel variant, which can be seen on the wrist of “Merlin”, who is responsible for training Kingsman spies (including the title of Taron Egerton), played by Mark Strong. Last but not least, the black “invisible” chronograph worn by novices of NATO-style bands. Given the current enthusiasm for black aesthetic watches, we are convinced that although the latter are technically Kingsman’s “bottom line,” they will be very popular. Pecking order! All watches are functional “gadgets” in movies, so we definitely look forward to seeing how prolific these superb works.

Kingsman’s director Matthew Vaughn expressed satisfaction with Bremont’s work on Kingsman watches, noting that from almost every possible point of view, they are very suitable Kingsman. Not only is the brand proud of Britain, but they also have a strong connotation, both the military and the special forces, so if there are any watches that live up to nothing, because they are really on the screen in a natural environment. As you might expect, Nick English himself is also pleased to have this opportunity to describe it as “a great honor”.


When the long-awaited release date arrives, we will definitely see Kingsman’s movies in the cinema, but please don’t forget that if you appreciate the gentle military appearance of these timepieces, then there is no doubt that many other existing Bremont watches, and there is no better collection than Banks Lyon Jewellers.

Bremont replica watches launch Kingsman (Kingsman) watch series

Without his trusted surveillance, where would a good spy be? How many times has James Bond got rid of his predicament with his Rolex and recent Omega watches? A new generation of British super spies will take action in the upcoming movie “Kingsman: Secret Service”, and the watch may once again have to save the day. Bremont in the United Kingdom will be equipped with these spies and will also provide its Kingsman special edition series of watches for anyone who wants a sophisticated look.

The first is the Bremen Kingsman special edition rose gold, worn by Agent Kingsman himself. It is based on the Bremont ALT1-WT world chronograph, equipped with a 43 mm 18-carat rose gold case, white metal dial and sapphire crystal, and Bremont BE-54AE self-winding movement (based on the 7750 movement certified by the stopwatch) . The strap is crocodile leather and comes with a 18 ct rose gold pin buckle.

Bremont Kingsman special edition stainless steel is traded in rose gold and crocodile leather for hardened stainless steel cases and calfskin cases with stainless steel pin buckles. It is worn by Merlin, the coach of Kingsman agents.

The last but not least point is the all-black stealth Bremont Kingsman special edition DLC worn by the trainees. Like the stainless steel model, it uses a hardened stainless steel case and a calf leather strap. chinese watch replicas

The three models are waterproof to 10 ATM (100 meters) and have a 42-hour movement power reserve.

These watches play a key part in the film and are “an indispensable tool in the secret agent gadget lineup.” Whether this means they are also equipped with built-in gadgets or other convenient gadgets remains to be seen.

With your eyes wide open, you might even find that King English, one of Breeding’s co-founders, made a cameo appearance in the movie as one of Kingsman’s agents. Needless to say, he would wear Bremont Kingsman.

Hands-on practice with Bremont MKI and MKII

At last year’s Concours D’Elegance conference in Pebble Beach, Jaguar announced plans to build six light E-type two-door sedans, exactly the same as it was produced in 1963. The original “Special GT Type E” project required the construction of 18 vehicles. , Although only 12 were actually completed. Now, after more than 50 years, the remaining cars will be hand-made and delivered with six dormant serial numbers. To commemorate this event, Jaguar collaborated with Bremen to provide buyers of these cars with a watch, each watch’s dial is marked with its own serial number and engine number. This year, Bremen announced in Basel that it plans to officially put two watches into production, named MKI and MKII, both of which are based on a limited series and inspired by the car itself.

Both MKI and MKII will replace the polished steel with platinum and aluminum in limited-edition watches. Although you will not print the serial number on the dial, you will get the same design, which is reminiscent of breaking through the car. Each dial has a time scale-like layout similar to an hour watch, between 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock, with nothing in between, and the “red line” quadrant between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock represents the red line of the car engine. .

Other details reminiscent of a car include a pointer with a shape and hands (very similar to the needles on the car dial), and a oscillating weight visible from the rear of the watch. The rotor itself is based on the steering wheel of the car and is equipped with drill holes to reduce weight. As a reminder, Jaguar signed at 6 o’clock on the dial.

MKI is a time and date fake luxury watches with a running sub-dial set at 9 o’clock on the dial and a date hole at 6 o’clock. The 43mm case is equipped with double domed crystals to maximize its appeal and uses the Bremont (La Joux-Perret type) BWC/01 movement. MKII is a chronograph variant of the watch with the same visual theme and a red line with a small tick mark at 9 o’clock. The case remains at 43 mm and uses the decorative BE-50AE (based on 7750) movement.