Bremont watches 2020 new products

ALT1-C Rose

Bremont Rose was released to commemorate Bremont becoming the official timer of the English Football Team and Twickenham Stadium.

I like Bremont’s limited edition or commemorative clocks because they are independent from the perspective of the dial. With the special product of this British manufacturer, this is always a wonderful discovery. Turning the watch over can reveal potential problems. The Rose’s color combination is unique in the catalog and will always be associated with that particular watch. It was carefully selected to pay tribute to its inspiration: the color of the George flag and the equipment of the English football team. This color continues to the light blue Nubuck strap.

You must search for the white rose logo on the white dial. Another ingenious and ingenious function is to use ENGLAND at the bottom of the dial instead of the usual LONDON.

Real collectors’ add-ons, including the English Rose and the English national anthem “Swing Low”, are on the back of the watch. This creates a beautiful timepiece without any distracting logos, images or text on the dial.

Unlike other similar sports buckles, you must believe that ALT1-C can easily survive the football game on Prop Forward’s wrist, and the rated accuracy of its chronograph remains unchanged. This is another well thought-out special edition of Bremont. Obviously, the theme is the true enthusiasm of the British brothers. I just regret the enthusiastic fans of other rugby countries because they missed the gorgeous timepiece.

Bremont ALT1-C BLUE ALT1-C/BL/R Replica Watch

Bremont Rose comes with a unique blue leather wallet with blue and red stitching and embossed roses.

The list of treasure watches is increasing every year, but it never seems to be inflated. You will get the impression that the catalog upgrade was preempted in a similar way to Microsoft during its heyday. However, the project based on Bremont’s popular Supermarine S500 may be limited edition, created to commemorate the most incredible human feat that ended 5 months ago.

Nims Purba MBE is now a legend in the history of mountaineering. Like George Mallory and Sir Edmund Hilary, it will be admired and admired by people. His extraordinary business philosophy is to reach every peak in the world in less than 8 months. Each of these peaks is over 8000m, and the top of the mountain is in the “death zone”. The reason for this is because there is no human life there. The previous record of a person achieving this goal is 7 years, 11 months and 14 days! Six months and six days after the first summit of possible projects, Nimes reached the highest point of the last mountain, Shishpangma. With the help of a group of rotating Nepalese, he achieved an incredible climbing record.

Nim’s extraordinary diary is as follows:

The third session on April 23, the summit of Annapurna
12 months, summit Dhauagiri
On the 15th, Zhangjiafeng climbed to the top of Qiancheng
22nd day, summit Everest
22 times in May, also summited Lhotse
On the 24th, the summit of Makalu
3rd month, summit Nanga Parbat
July 15th, summit of Gaschublum I
18 months, the summit of Gaschublum II
24 months, top K2
July 26, the peak of the summit
23rd month, climbed to the top of Cho Oyu
September 27, Summit held in Manaslu in October
On the 29th, the summit was held in Shishapangma

In the course of this unprecedented achievement, Nim also broke six other world records:

The highest peak in spring is 8000m. The highest peaks are: Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Kanchinjonga, Everest, Lhotse and Makalu.
The highest peaks in summer are: K2, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and Broad Peak. This also means that Nims Purba is the first person to reach the peak of all 8000m in Pakistan in one season.
The fastest summit among the three highest mountains in the world.
The fastest summit among the five highest mountains in the world.

The fastest summit in the world’s lowest 8000m mountain range: (Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and Broad Peak)

The fastest mountain in the mountain range of 8000m above sea level, it has reached the summit of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu in 48 hours.

Upon completion, Nimes said: “I believe in this project and make sure to be with the people who believe in this project. This is by no means just me, this is why I can overcome some of the huge obstacles in this journey. By achieving this One goal, I know I can inspire people all over the world. I want to show that when you make up your mind, everything is possible.”

For our specific anecdote, it is also important that Nick and Giles English learned from the beginning the potential and importance of what Purba was trying to achieve and sponsored the Project Project. In fact, you can follow the progress of Nims on the Bremont website. The British brothers also have the vision to put the standard over-the-counter S300 on Nims’ wrist. When you read Superman’s technical catalog, the bravery and perseverance above think that this S300 is accompanied by every step of his hardship.

After the summit of the last mountain, Bremont co-founder Nick English said: “We have been involved in “possible projects” from the beginning and we are very proud. Nim is a A complete source of inspiration, there is no doubt that his achievements are extraordinary. Mechanical watches have never performed so well in such a short period of time. Our watches have a history of extreme testing in extreme environments, which absolutely proves them Durability and reliability.”

This project may be limited edition based on Bremont’s popular S500 diver’s watch, and by adding a bronze bezel to the all-titanium case, it provides a new choice for its product line. The S500 has been enhanced by adding related GMT functions. In addition, the S500 is almost the same as the S300 worn by Nims Purba in the “Possible Project”. It has Bremont’s proprietary Trip-Tick® case and has anti-magnetic, seismic, deep water and astronomical watch rated properties. .

“Project possible limited edition”. It uses a 22mm khaki Vintage side seam strap.