Jacob & Co Astronomy Tourbillon

The astronomical tourbillon that swiss Jacob & Co unveiled at Baselworld earlier this year slipped under the radar. Now that the dust is settled, the collections of the major watchmaking brands have made headlines, and let us now provide due attention to this stunning timepiece.

Jacob & Astronomy Tourbillon Watch ā€“ Gorgeous and Complex
You can rely on Jacob & Co to take away more dramas where they display their watch portfolio. However, to appreciate the advantages of the astronomical tourbillon, readers (readers) are required to provide some information. First, set aside your prejudice against Jacob & Co-temporarily forget about high-end jewelry watches, celebrity identities and animated (gorgeous) colors. The astronomy tourbillon is still gorgeous, but it is also a complex manifestation of watchmaking skills. Whether you are a cash-rich football star or a watch purist, this is just a watch that will attract and attract your attention.

Jacob & Co Astronomy Tourbillon-Fascinating panorama
Under the dome of a giant undersea hatch, a four-arm turntable surrounds the dial. At the end of each arm is a display of hour and minute hands. The earth represented by a platinum ball is a one-carat Briolette diamond representing the moon. At least there is no three-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon rotates every 60 seconds, the second axis that carries the entire cage rotates every five minutes, and the arm that carries the tourbillon rotates every 20 minutes. Is this a fascinating dial? You bet that even if used alone, the tourbillon will bring continuous attention to the wearer, but together with the activities of other mechanical arms (around the dial every 20 minutes), this is indeed a panoramic display.

Proposing such a bill is not without challenges. The structure of the tourbillon cage is a large spiral balance wheel that flaps at 18,000 vph and has a coil-over balance spring with a Phillips terminal curve. Despite the dial operation that consumes a lot of power, this watch still maintains a 72-hour power reserve. To achieve this, we used a sturdy mainspring that filled the astronomer’s 47mm case diameter. To develop this mechanism, Jacob & Co used the services of Studio 7H38 Watch Studio.

Jacob & Astronomy Tourbillon Tourbillon Watch
Surprisingly, hints of traditional watchmaking were found in this amazing work. Hand-made for making the earth sphere, using the Grand Feu enamel process to achieve extraordinary details on it, the Roman numerals for hours and minutes add a classic atmosphere. In order to make the parts wear-resistant, the structure of the case is made of polycarbonate composite material, which can be wound through its 18k rose gold case back to ensure that the outline remains perfectly round. The ultimate success was the crepes cut diamonds, whose 56 facets promised to capture a huge amount of light when rotating-very Jacob & Co, but for this added luxury, we will forgive them.

Jacob & Co. has a long history of cooperation with Swiss movement manufacturer Concepto, but this is another company they cooperate with astronomers. For this series, Jacob & Co. collaborated with the Swiss, which is responsible for the wild mechanical movement inside the Jacob & Co. astronomical tourbillon. A closer look at the mechanism is impressive, but its completion effect is not like Greubel Forsey. Well, there is really no such thing, so this is not a fair comparison. The movement is a very small industrial mechanism, and I do n’t even know how to describe its complexity. Let’s start with a three-axis tourbillon, which exists as one of the four arms of the movement.

Jacob & Co Replica watch Grand Complication Masterpieces ASTRONOMIA SKY AT110.40.AA.SD.A

The tourbillon system itself has two other pivot points, each of which rotates every 60 seconds and then rotates in a different direction every 5 minutes. Opposite the tourbillon was the dial at the time, which was very cool, because no matter where the dial was rotated, it stood upright. I was like that. Then there was the arm with a tiny hand-drawn titanium gold cue, opposite the “Jacob” cut diamond, which has a unique registered process by Jacob, providing the diamond with a spherical case and 288 Cuts. The globe and diamond disco ball rotate once every 60 seconds.

What is the significance of all these rotations and movements? Of course, acting as a “hypnotic choreographer”; all of this is related to visual brilliance (and effective). So, as I said, if you consider the Jacob & Co. Astronomical Tourbillon sale replica watches too harshly, you will keep asking “Why?” This has nothing to do with it, just because it is cool, and because they can. When you are a Jacob & Co. customer, you do nā€™t want to hear about the planetarium and mathematical equations that are running, but you want to make you feel dazzled, confused, entertained, and remind yourself of being different. People wearing Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon are “special”.

The Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon case has a width of 50 mm and a thickness of 25 mm. It is made of 18k rose gold and is covered with very beautiful AR-coated sapphire crystal. Although not everyone can “understand” Jacob & Co. astronomy, you can say that the design is good. To operate the watch or wind it, there are two folding “keys” on the back of the watch. As large as the Jacobs Observatory Tourbillon on the wrist, it is surprising to wear. That is, until you accidentally hit it against a wall or table.

If you are a watch lover, it will be fun to play with Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon or even Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon Bread. I mean, after all, it should be interesting. Jacob Arabo may have an interesting reputation, but being very good to his customers is also part of it. When he promised to let them be amazed, that was the truth.

What I’m trying to do in all these aspects is to help explain the existence of a recognized world of brands like Jacob & Co.-and the strange world of Replica watches online like Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon and Jacob & Co. Astronomical tourbillon baguette with 16 carats of amorphous rectangular cut diamonds. For ordinary people, showing off too much wealth exaggerated is offensive, and there may be good reasons, because the message is really saying “I am better than you”. However, please imagine that everyone in the world can afford these things, rather than making their peers jealous because of the price of the items, they are only visually marveling and moving people. The “face-to-face” element of luxury goods will never disappear, and I am definitely a fan of democratization.