TAG Heuer Monaco 1979-1989 Limited Edition Watch

As part of the 50th anniversary of TAG Heuer Monaco, the brand launched five limited edition series to commemorate the iconic square case. The first limited edition was completed in the spirit of the span of ten years between 1969-1979, and now we have got the second one which was inspired by the ten years between 1979-1989. TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer) Monaco 1979-1989 limited edition model. CAW211W.FC6467 watch, although I did not expect to see a bright red Monaco watch, but its ruby ​​majesty looks cool. Like each of the five series released by TAG Heuer, this will also be limited to 169 pieces. The model is everywhere with Le Mans 24 Hours and the 1971 movie “Le Mans” with Steve McQueen.

However, it is not just the red dial that makes this version unique. The dial of the rhodium-plated chronograph has curved edges instead of the more traditional square edges on other Monaco watches.

Like the standard TAG Heuer Monaco watch, the watch also uses a 39 mm wide stainless steel case and is equipped with Calibre 11 movement. However, the dial is red with a sun pattern and looks almost ruby. TAG Heuer stated that this red color is intended to evoke the “speed and style” part of Monaco ’s history. I cannot agree with this.

The stainless steel case has the Monaco logo on the bottom cover and indicates any number in this edition of 169. The back of this version of the calfskin strap is also red. Finally, you know that TAG Heuer will equip this watch with some special packaging. This version from 1979 to 1989 had a dark blue box with the Heuer logo and horizontal checkered stripes, while the interior was in the same red color as the dial.

TAG Heuer debuts limited edition Monaco Grand Prix Monaco History TAG Heuer appeared on the wrist of Steve McQueen in the 1971 racing movie “Le Mans”. Monaco is closely related to the classic motorsport world. People have always been full of the charm of the cars of the 1960s and 1970s, and when the brand announced the official sponsor and timekeeper of the Monaco Historical Grand Prix jointly held with the world-famous Formula One car , Has this charm.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, the model series of the same name is an obvious choice for the leader to charge. Although the 2020 Grand Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of countless events cancelled after the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the brand is still launching its commemorative TAG Heuer Monaco Monaco Grand Prix. Limited edition of only 1,000 pieces, this unique version adds a new color palette and subtle Monaco style to the modern Monaco formula.

What the case of the TAG Heuer (Monaco) TAG Heuer Monaco Historical Grand Prix brings you. In most cases, this is the same 39 mm square stainless steel case used by almost all current Monaco, with its iconic round square case lines and wide-angle chronograph buttons. This is a “modern” variant compared to the strict reissue style of the calibre 11 indicated by the three o’clock crown, but the only major difference here is the sapphire glass caseback. The Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco ’s history has added special printed text to the crystal itself and has a serial number engraved on the edge.

Although the case has made subtle changes to its standard model, there is no doubt that the dial of the TAG Heuer Monaco’s best Monaco Grand Prix in history is a model. The striking red-and-red color scheme is immediately noticeable, but it is worth mentioning that this combination does make it unique.

The fiery red color of the outer dial is the same as the inner silver dial with vibrant sunlight, while the remaining dial elements strictly follow the white and red patterns. Most Monaco designs choose a three-tone layout (sunrise blue with white and red accents). The Monaco Historical Grand Prix Monaco Historical Grand Prix is ​​more cohesive and focused than the standard.

Rather than lengthy special edition dial text, this replica swiss watches handles the issue of announcing its partnership in a more interesting and interesting way. Between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock on the edge of the silver inner dial is a vintage Grand Prix race car, which is the symbol of the Monaco Grand Prix. It is an interesting additional detail of the original gorgeous design, but it is hard not to want this piece to be placed on the “automatic” dial text at 6 o’clock, so as not to damage the symmetry of the dial.

TAG Heuer powers the Monaco Monaco Grand Prix with its internal Heuer 02 automatic chronograph movement. In recent years, this has become the flagship stabilizer of the TAG Heuer TAG Heuer 11 movement. It has a huge 80-hour power reserve and perfectly combines the column wheel and the vertical clutch chronograph assembly.

Monaco Grand Prix The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​paired with a classic black leather eyelet strap with an expanding clasp. This is the iconic pairing of the Monaco series, and the simplicity here makes the special dial the focal point.

Although the 2020 Monaco Historical Grand Prix itself may have been the victim of the cancellation related to COVID-19, the TAG Heuer celebration model is still a compelling addition to the current lineup. However, the unusual situation surrounding its debut really raises the question of how future collectors will remember this limited-edition model. Will associating with events that have never happened make the best replica watches sites to buy from uk fascinated in the future? Time will prove everything, but the eye-catching color combination is likely to be remembered by fans of the brand for a long time.