Tag Heuer launches Monaco Grand Prix (De Monaco Historique)

Tag Heuer’s collaboration with the Monaco Auto Club (ACM) and its prestigious Grand Prix de Monaco Historique highlights the long-term relationship with the Principality of Monaco and its racing history. Racing calendar. The 12th edition of the event is scheduled to be held last weekend (May 8-10), but was cancelled for obvious reasons. whole-watches-discount.com

Tag Heuer was appointed as the official sponsor and timekeeper of the Monaco Historical Grand Prix, which complements the official watch partner of the current official watch of the Monaco Grand Prix and Monaco ’s top car collection museum.

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To commemorate the new partnership, TAG Heuer will release a new version of the landmark Monaco replica watch. This chronograph will be available in red and white colors-reminiscent of any number of classic sports cars-with the Monaco Grand Prix logo at 1 o’clock.

Tag Heuer’s Monaco and Rolex’s Oyster, Omega’s Speedmaster and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak are used as the clock’s symbol. Large square case (40mm x 38mm), blue dial and crown on the left side to indicate that, as the world’s first automatic chronograph, it does not require a clockwork, it was immediately newsworthy when it came out in 1969 .

When Steve McQueen produced it in 1970 and released it in the La Mans archives released the following year, it made it one of the most influential associations in the world.

The production was discontinued in 1975, and then the “Reissue” series was launched in 1998. This series features some watches inspired by Monaco in the sixties. As McQueen’s iconic status continues to improve, the watch re-adopted a brand new mechanical device in 2003. Then many styles and color combinations appeared. Last year, Tag Heuer launched its 50th anniversary limited edition Monacos (Monacos) for the fifth anniversary, which is the 50th anniversary since 1969.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Monaco History Limited Edition will be available on July 27, 2020.

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