Interesting facts about Franck Muller watches

Franck Muller replica watches are unique in style, revolutionary in design and extremely complex.

Franck Muller, co-founder of the eponymous brand, was originally a pocket watch repairer. In his 20s, he introduced his first watch collections to private clients-all with complex movements. The quality replica watches industry immediately noticed this. At the height of the quartz crisis, Muller represented the “hope” of the new era of mechanical watches.

Watches with avant-garde, bold and avant-garde design and complications are the cornerstones of the brand. To say the least, Franck Muller watches do not have any average value-a tradition that has been maintained for years.

For newcomers to Franck Muller, we’ve compiled some interesting facts that you may never know.

Franck Muller is known as the “Master of Complications”

Mueller recognized the need for unique and complex cheap replica watches early in his career. Therefore, he decided to regularly create complications never seen in the world. These complications are now known as “World Premieres.”

Since 1986, Muller has been making handmade, highly complex and innovative watches, challenging a conservative industry that values ​​tradition over novelty. A good example: He made a tourbillon visible from the front, the first time in the history of watchmaking.

Muller introduced a tourbillon with a time jump function and a tourbillon with a minute repeater function in 1986 and 1987 respectively. In 1989, he introduced the inverted tourbillon perpetual calendar with the minute repeater function in the same way.

Without a doubt, Mueller slowly won the most orthodox and purists of luxury men watch lovers.