These watches are incredible-the rarest Urwerks


Urwerk: 20 years of groundbreaking design If it’s not regular, it’s not Urwerk.

If there is a strange idea behind the Urwerk replica watch, it is likely to be the eternal trek of the sun from one horizon to another. Over the past 20 years, Urwerk has continuously updated its radical design and engineering philosophy to reach its own pace in different parts of the town.

Most of its fake watches do not look like watches in the traditional sense. They were missing hands round and round, and their boxes were more shaped like satellites and millennium falcons. Time is usually indicated by satellite complications, reminiscent of a crazy tea party trip to Disneyland.

As Urwerk celebrates its 20th anniversary, here are the iconic design and engineering wonders the brand has released over the years.

Splashdown 1997: UR-101, UR-102
Urwerk’s debut at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 1997 was a modern interpretation of the watch’s “wandering time”. The UR-101 (above) and UR-102 have beautiful lines and case designs, respectively, inspired by the Millennium Falcons and satellites. These watches exude a retro vintage sci-fi atmosphere, similar to the manual without CNC watches The production is a bit antithetical to the machine.

2003 breakthrough: UR-103
For many, the UR-103 is the first copy watch that comes to mind when considering Urwerk. This is not surprising, as it marks Urwerk overcoming the challenges of startups and seeing how it lays the foundation for future collections. This is the first iteration of Urwerk’s watchmaking ideals, fully fleshed out. Baumgartner’s father proposed a watch that is easy to read while driving: As a result, the minute arc is flipped to face the wearer, and the hour dial is converted into a three-dimensional cone for easier reading and appearance Eye-catching. More radical is the control panel on the bottom cover, which can display seconds and 15 minutes for precise settings, a power reserve indicator and a flat screw, allowing the wearer to adjust the tempo of 30 seconds within 24 hours. Open the box!

Urwerk Watch Replica LAB collection UR-CC1 WG
ur cc1

2008 Automation Edition: UR-202
It is foreseeable that Urwerk’s first automatic transmission is different: in the UR-202, the rotor is connected to a pair of turbines using aerodynamics as rotor brakes. With stepless switch control, the user can adjust the winding efficiency of the rotor to suit its overall level of activity, thereby reducing wear on the movement.

Broadcasting Star of 2009: UR-CC1
It took 10 years, and then another 3 years to perfect micro-engineering. As a result, a pair of rotating cylinders deviated from the satellite timing system, which indicated the hours and minutes in the manner of analog car radios of the past.

2013 Hybrid Era: EMC
Earlier Urwerk models provided unprecedented levels of control for mechanical watches by providing user adjustment (UR-103) and rotor control (UR-202). Electromechanical control (EMC) extends this function by integrating an electronic module that monitors the frequency of the balance and displays deviations for the user to make the necessary adjustments. EMC Time Hunter launched the latter in 2016 and can even display the amplitude of the balance, with an LED to indicate whether the watch is operating within the optimal parameters.

Urwerk Watch Replica 200 collection UR-202 Baguette
ur 202