The ideal watch for everyday wear: BVLGARI Octo Roma automatic watch

The ideal replica watch price for everyday wear: BVLGARI Octo Roma automatic watch What conditions should an ideal daily wear watch meet? Practical, easy to read, and easy to match. If it can also become the highlight of the wearer’s style, it would be even more perfect. The blue version of the BVLGARI Octo Roma automatic watch meets these conditions-automatic winding, three-hand date, and waterproof. 100 meters, it fully meets the first priority of convenience and practicality in daily wear watches; the Italian aesthetic design exudes free and elegant style charm.

No matter in terms of appearance or function, this blue-faced watch performs well. It comes from the new generation Octo Roma series that has been upgraded and revised. The shape of the watch case is derived from the superposition of octagons and circles. There are octagons in the circle, which is like a circle but not a circle. Compared with the avant-garde and sharp Octo Finissimo, which has sharp edges and strong structure, the new The first-generation Octo Roma strikes a balance between edges and curves, and its contours are gentler and softer, showing a new charm that can flexibly shuttle between avant-garde and classic. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 41mm is a suitable size, suitable for both movement and static. The surface is alternately decorated with mirror polishing and satin hairline pattern. The crown and the case are integrated, and the case and bracelet are formed in one piece. The effect is smooth and elegant. shine.

The dial design is clear and brings the aesthetic genes rooted in Rome. The dial adopts the new Clous de Paris pattern, which brings classic watchmaking details into the smooth and smooth overall outline. The three-dimensional hour markers and hour hands are coated with white Super-LumiNova luminous paint. The date window set at 3 o’clock is accurately sized and harmoniously matches the other stick-shaped hour markers. The overall configuration is simple and neat, giving full play to the practicality of clear reading. patek philippe grandmaster chime

BVLGARI pairs this watch with the most popular blue face. The classic and timeless blue face has the flexibility to easily integrate into various life scenes, making it particularly worry-free to match. The blue tone used in this watch is in line with the popular color selection of men’s suits in recent years. , a kind of blue with a brightness and chroma in the middle, with a retro feel, elegant and thought-provoking. After adding Paris decoration, the delicate three-dimensional regular undulating effect is reminiscent of the texture changes of suit fabrics, reflecting a sense of sophistication hidden in the details.

The Italian-style aesthetics’ spontaneous use of color also extends to the strap. Equipped with a new quick-release strap system, in addition to the existing stainless steel chain strap, it can also be replaced at any time with a rubber strap or crocodile strap designed by BVLGARI for this model. The surface of the rubber strap is decorated with Paris decoration that echoes the dial, which not only shows the spontaneity and dynamics, but also brings the overall sense pursued by the tasteful gentleman. The quick-release system is designed in the shape of a push-button and is integrated into the center of the lug on the bottom cover. No tools are required when using it. You can change the strap with a light press and change the style as you like.

The smooth integration of the crown and crown safety mechanism is the key to this watch’s waterproof depth of 100 meters. The crown is integrated with the case and replaced with a screw-in crown. The safety mechanisms on both sides of the crown are not only It improves the aesthetics and strengthens the function, protecting the crown from damage for many years. replica richard mille price