Richard Mille: RM 30-01

Richard Mille: RM 30-01

Harmony of aesthetics and technology, with removable rotor

There is no doubt that Richard Mille continues to set new standards, always exceeding the expectations of haute horlogerie lovers. With the launch of the new RM 30-01 automatic watch with a removable rotor, the company has once again emphasized its capabilities.

The RM 30-01 Automatic watch continues the tradition of its predecessors, bringing aesthetic and technical innovations. The watch combines a newly interpreted skeleton design with a balanced appearance. Both the bridges and cleats are made of high-quality grade 5 titanium, creating a sense of perspective and depth through numerous parallel sections. The organic curves of the previous model have been replaced by rhombus geometric shapes, giving the dial a unique dynamic. The power-reserve and winding displays, as well as the function selector, are presented in a new layout, further emphasized by colored transitions.

The RM 30-01 has a function selector for easier operation of the watch. By simply pressing the button at 2 o’clock, the wearer can choose between different modes. An indicator above the oversized date on the dial always shows the selected mode: W for Winding, D for date correction (Date), H for setting hands (Hands). luxury watch Price

Innovative RMAR2 automatic movement
At the heart of the RM 30-01 is the innovative RMAR2 automatic movement. Despite its technical complexity, it exhibits remarkable design restraint that enhances the ergonomics and user-friendliness of the watch. Individual components, such as the function selector cam and the oversized date disc, are strategically placed and contribute to the overall composition.

One of the outstanding technical features of the RM 30-01 is the variable geometry automatic rotor. Once the power reserve reaches 55 hours, the oscillating weight will automatically disengage from the winding mechanism to avoid excessive tension. Optimum barrel performance is achieved thanks to a constant torque to power ratio that is perfectly balanced. Once the power reserve drops below 40 hours, the oscillating weight engages again, winding the barrel. This ensures continuous and precise timekeeping. The winding indicator at 11 o’clock informs the wearer whether the rotor is currently in the winding phase (open) or unhook phase (closed).

The RM 30-01 has two options
Available in two styles, the RM 30-01 perfectly accentuates the tonneau-shaped case (42 x 49.4 x 17.59mm). One version combines a 5N red gold case back and bezel with a grade 5 titanium strap, while the other is made entirely of this hypoallergenic material. Both models are corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant and offer a high level of comfort thanks to their low weight (including the bracelet) of only 96 grams. Shopping swiss watch

The RM 30-01 Automatic watch combines the different types of Richard Mille collections, remaining true to the core values of the brand: ergonomics, clean lines and high-quality finishes. There is no doubt that this watch demonstrates Richard Mille’s outstanding expertise and dedication.