Lighting up the depths: Why do dive watches glow in the dark?

Renowned for their durability and functionality, Bremont diving watches have become indispensable tools for professional divers and watch enthusiasts alike. A key feature that sets these Best fake watches apart is their ability to glow in the dark, ensuring optimum visibility even in the harshest lighting conditions. In this article, we explore the science behind this fascinating and functional technology, which is perfectly reflected in Bremont’s collection of luxury diving watches.

What is glow made of and how does it work?
Luminescence, the emission of light without appreciable heat, is at the heart of a dive watch’s ability to glow in the dark. This phenomenon occurs when certain materials absorb and store energy from an external source, then release it as visible light in low-light conditions. Two types of luminous materials are commonly used in dive watches: Super-LumiNova® and Tritium.

Super-LumiNova® is a photoluminescent material that absorbs and stores light energy, which then emits light. This compound is strategically applied to the hands, hour markers and bezel of the dive watch. Bremont’s Supermarine collection features as many as 15 to 20 layers of Super-LumiNova® coating to deliver a vibrant and long-lasting glow in the dark that stands the test of time.

What is tritium?
In contrast, tritium gas tubes use a radioactive isotope of hydrogen to produce a self-powered glow effect. Tritium-filled tubes are placed on the dial and hands of the watch to continuously emit soft light without exposure to external light sources. Although Bremont does not currently use tritium gas tubes in the Supermarine collection, they have played an important role in the development of luminous technology in the perfect replica watches industry.


Luminescent technology in dive watches has been in development for decades and continues to advance, pushing the boundaries of visibility in low-light conditions. Early dive watches used radioactive radium-based luminescent material, which proved dangerous due to its toxicity. Subsequent introductions of nonradioactive compounds such as Super-LumiNova® offered a safer, brighter alternative.

Bremont’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its Supermarine collection. By utilizing cutting-edge luminescent materials, Bremont has taken the legibility of its dive watches to new heights. The Supermarine models feature the latest Super-LumiNova® technology, ensuring an unmistakable and long-lasting glow that will captivate even the most discerning explorer.

Bremont’s Supermarine collection demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail in the application of luminescent materials. Super-LumiNova® illuminates the rotating bezel for quick and accurate time reference, while the bezel’s luminescent markers allow precise measurement of elapsed time during dives. You can read about the features of your next dive watch and why they have rotating bezels in our previous article.

How to keep the luminous light of diving watch?
In order to maintain the luminous character of a dive high quality copy watches, some simple guidelines must be followed. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as it will gradually wear off the effect. Furthermore, regular maintenance by authorized professionals ensures optimal functioning of the luminescent material and thus its lifetime. Bremont’s dedication to craftsmanship extends to the Supermarine collection, and following its care recommendations will help keep your timepiece looking shiny for years to come.

The fascinating luminous function of diving watches has revolutionized the way divers and watch lovers perceive time in the deep sea. We invite you to discover the Bremont Supermarine collection by browsing an exceptional collection of luxury diving watches online or in our boutiques.

Over the years, Bremont has worked with organizations such as Royal Navy Clearance Divers, Special Forces, North Sea Deep Sea Divers and the Royal Marines to develop the Supermarine range of dive watches to meet the exacting specifications required by professional divers and military personnel . Bremont also works closely with open water swimmers, freedivers, scuba divers and professional sailing teams to ensure our watches are reliable in any nautical environment. As a result, our copy watches best have achieved an enviable track record in this field and we are extremely proud to have created a product that is trusted by the very best.