UR-1001 TITAN from Urwerk

It’s the most complicated, craziest, most irresistible, funkiest, most futuristic high-tech watch we’ve spotted at Baselworld 2015, and the absolute badass of all URWERK creations right now: the UR- 1001 TITAN .

The UR-1001 Titan that “landed” at Baselworld 2015 looked like a spaceship from a galaxy far, far away: a large titanium pocket watch that displayed seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries Etc information… has existed for millennia in an extremely primitive, avant-garde way. There’s also a wide leather strap to “fix” it on the wrist.

The 106mm x 62mm x 23mm titanium case stands out for its unusually generous dimensions, evoking the imagination. These dimensions may also be necessary to demonstrate the accumulated expertise of URWERK watchmakers

Hours are displayed via a patented satellite complication with moving hours and retrograde minutes.

The central carousel forms the central nervous system of the satellite complication and hosts three cylindrical satellites marked with time scales. There is no upper bridge to hold the turntable. The entire mechanism is based on a ball bearing system. fake watches for sale

The retrograde minute hand is attached to a visible spring ring on the edge of the satellite complication. This is pulled by the hour satellite: a mainspring with a swan neck that engages two star-shaped coaxial cams that slide along a track with the minute hand. When the pointer reaches the end of its travel at 60 minutes, the star cam guides it back to zero, where the next hourly satellite awaits it.

The rotating satellite of the calendar is a technically and structurally original complication, developed entirely in-house by URWERK. At first glance, it resembles the Hour Moon, with the month and date replacing the hours and retrograde minutes. However, while the time changes regularly (every 60 minutes), the month conversion automatically adapts to month lengths of 30 or 31 days.

URWERK co-founder and master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner revealed the secret of this mechanism to us: “At the end of a month with 30 days – April, June, September and November – the date automatically jumps to the next The first day of the month. The corresponding wheel on which the three-armed merry-go-round sits has 93 teeth and turns once every three months. It is inlaid with three Maltese crosses, each corresponding to the four lunar moons facing it. At the end of the months, one of the Maltese cross appendages advances the date wheel by the two days needed to advance to the next month. » www.chronowrist.ru

The day/night indicator is a rotating disc. It features black Super-LumiNova, white brushed ruthenium by day, and alternating stripes at dawn and dusk. The day/night indicator is useful on its own, but it really comes into play when you set the calendar so the date changes at midnight instead of noon.

The power reserve indicator shows that the mainspring can store up to 39 hours of energy and has a red warning field to remind the wearer that the UR-1001 «TITAN» needs to be wound.

If you turn the UR-1001 «TITAN» upside down and open the protective cover, you will enter another world of long-term measurements. The main elements on the caseback are the undersides of the satellite hours and retrograde minutes, the black surfaces of which are highlighted by ruby inserts. urwerk watch replica

“Oil Change”: The minimum time shown on the back is five years, which is the “Oil Change” in the middle. When the display changes from a white zone (years 1 to 3) to a red zone (years 4 and 5), this notifies the owner after three years that a service is required. This counter is reset to zero after each service.

100 Years: This display increments in five-year increments and works like a car’s odometer. Just as it keeps track of the entire distance traveled by the car, the “100 Years” and “1000 Years” displays on the UR-1001 provide information on the total runtime of the movement.

Year 1000: When the hand of the 100-year indicator reaches 100, the small hand at the bottom of the 1000-year indicator begins to slowly but irresistibly move in 100-year increments towards the new millennium. cheap swiss watches