LES VOILES de Saint BARTH Time Code watch -Richard Mille RM 032 Titanium diving watch, action and sports

It was launched during Les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille sailing. The 11th of last April was an excellent opportunity for the brand to show its exclusive watch RM 032 Voiles de Saint-BARTH. Combined with the Caribbean blue and white quartz high -tech works to withstand 300 meters of pressure.

Richard Mille considers those who love diving activities, creating a watch that can become an all -ally to find themselves when they are looking for themselves.

The watch named Richard Mille RM 032 is quite bulky, and the case size is 50 mm x 17.80 mm. However, it is the large number of functions in the dial created its huge size, and its series of functions can meet all the requirements for diving watches.

These elements include timing, second, second, 12 -hour accumulator, chronograph with flying backbacking functions, the date window of the 12 o’clock position, and the month indicator nearly 5 o’clock.

The design of the dial can also allow the wearer to see the internal operation of the watch, and its 300 -meter waterproof performance enables the device to play a role even in the deepest diving adventure.

Richard Miller ushered in his tenth anniversary in the clock industry this year, and completed the design with rubber straps. buy watch replica

RM 032 LES VOILES de St Barth

Two years after the Big COVID-19 is popular, Les Voiles de St Barth, one of the world’s largest sailing races. The 11th competition (April 17th to 23rd) has 71 teams and 700 sailors and Maxis, Super Maxis, MultiHulls, Spinnakers and Melges 24s, all of which will compete for a place on the podium.

At this special moment, Richard Mille, one of the main sponsor of the event since 2010, launched RM 032 LES VOILES De St Barth. This is a highly technical work, as Richard Mille expects It can withstand the pressure BAR. (About 300 meters/1,000 feet) that meets the ISO 6425 standard that meets the diving meter.

RM 032 Voiles de Saint BARTH’s 50.00 mm diameter and 17.80 mm thick case are characterized by the combination of the Caribbean blue and white TPT quartz. Level 5 discount watch.

Level 5 titanium alloy button can operate the chronograph and lock the rotating bezel. Using a button at 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, you can reset the running chronograph without the need to stop the movement, thereby saving time.

Just rotate the ring on the crown to lock the crown and button (the green scale when the unlocking, and the red scale when the lock is locked). In this way, the movement will not be damaged due to excessive pressure or impact on the crown. Waterproof performance is guaranteed to be as high as 30 babes (about 300 meters/1000 feet).

RM 032 is powered by the RMAC2 movement. This is an automatic clinging movement with an hour, minutes, oversized date, month, second -second counter, hour counter, operating indicator and variable geometric rotor flight chronograph code table Essence Its frequency frequency is 28,800 times (4 Hertz) per hour, and the double -hair box can provide 55 hours of power storage.

At 3 o’clock, we found “Indicateur de Marche”. Because the rotating frequency is 2 RPM, you can check the operation of the hourly mechanism at a glance. nice fake watches

In the horizontal window below 12 o’clock, the half -instant date is automatically adjusted to 30 days or 31 days. The model is also displayed in a small window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.

The hollow bottom plate and the surface bridge are made of level 5 titanium with black PVD coating, which gives the entire component high rigidity, and the accurate surface flatness necessary for the perfect operation of the gear system.

The free suspension wheel with variable inertia can ensure that higher reliability is obtained during the impact and during the assembly or disassembling movement, thereby obtaining better timing results over time.

Variable geometric rotors allow the entanglement of the main clockwork to adapt to the active level of users in the movement or non -sports environment. By adjusting the six ribs to change the inertia of the rotor, speed up the charging process with the slowness of the arm, or slow down in sports activities. best men watch