HYT Hastroid Cosmic Hunter: The New Bronze Age

Across time and space, a new type of spaceship is relentlessly exploring the watchmaking galaxy in search of new and unique expressions of the art of watchmaking…

Modern timepieces designed by best HYT, exclusive owner of mecafluid technology, a symbiotic union of science and micromechanics, are pushing the creativity of fine watchmaking into a new universe. HYT changes common perception and develops extraordinary measuring instruments. With HYT, preparing for the future, the watchmaking industry begins its transformation.

Board now for a new voyage: Mission Hastroid Cosmic Hunter

Mission Objective: Reveal Hastroid’s Beam

Flight plan: Launch and orbit on November 22, 2022.

Instrument: HYT Hastroid Cosmic Hunter.

This fall, HYT Hastroid arrives in a warm and sensual hue in a bronze shell. An original variation to say the least, as it combines the futuristic nature of Hastroid with a material texture dating back to the most ancient times. Elegant and sophisticated, the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter is the perfect complement to HYT’s bold approach.

“What we have worked on is a masterful craft that combines fluid technology and mechanical sophistication,” said Davide Cerrato, CEO and creative director of HYT.

Hastroid, Retro Hunter Skin

This craftsmanship is clearly reflected in the bi-material case design of the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter, which measures 48mm in diameter, 52.3mm in overall length and 17.2mm in case thickness. The originality of this piece lies in the combination of carbon and titanium, plated with a PVD bronze treatment and microbeaded finish. The benefit of this bronze electroplated finish is the vintage hunter look combined with the surprising lightness of the Hastroid.

For thousands of years, bronze has traditionally been an alloy of copper and tin, which has a color close to that of gold, but is often altered by oxidation. It is not uncommon for the bronze to turn black or take on a patina. To make its new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter timeless, HYT decided to use a stable finish to keep the bronze color. By anchoring its beauty and lightness, using a resolutely modern approach, without any nostalgia or attempt to create an artificial retro effect, HYT is bringing bronze into a new futuristic era. cheap watch wholesale

Offering a beautiful contrast, this variation of case color accentuates the optimal readability of the dial with its beige numerals in state-of-the-art Lumicast® material, a three-dimensional Superluminova® application emphasizing brightness, its matte black-treated hands and of course There are also liquids that show time retrograde. This black fluid, within its ultra-fine borosilicate capillaries, is the strikingly distinctive feature of the Mecafluidic timepieces designed by HYT

“Mecafluidic technology is a new term in scientific research, used in luxury watchmaking. We have the ability to highlight the symbiotic nature of these two technologies (mechanical and fluidic),” said Davide Cerrato, CEO and Creative Director of HYT.

The Hastroid’s multi-layered middle case presents a subtle openwork, while the watch as a whole has a sandwich structure, is water resistant to 50 meters, and has a central protective titanium case for the movement that optimally handles the tasks assigned to this new spacecraft .

Like the flight deck, the discount watch is topped with a domed sapphire crystal, allowing a mostly unobstructed view of the entire dial. Of course, the heart of the mecafluid mechanism remains the fluid system, with its two central “bellows” reservoirs, a design unique to HYT’s work, enhancing the character and sense of strength around the dial and the capillaries.

It is driven by a hand-wound mechanical movement, caliber 501 CM, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

The movement was designed by Eric Coudray®, renowned master watchmaker and winner of the 2012 Prix Gaïa. With the assistance of PURTEC (part of the TEC Group) and his longtime friend and watchmaker Paul Clémenti (Gaïa 2018), the movement is elegantly satin-finished or laser-treated or sand-blasted for a more refined look and finishes.

Underscoring the character of this modern haute horlogerie, the black rubber bracelet with green Alcantara® inlays has a military touch and embossed Corioform® design inspired by the spacesuits worn by astronauts.

Rare and original, the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter (ref. H02756-A).