RM 07-04 Automatic Sport: the first sports watch signed by Richard Mille, designed for female athletes

Best Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport Ester Ledecka Replica Watch

Luxury watchmaker Richard Mille has just launched its first sports watch designed for a female audience: the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport.

Proud of its many partners from all walks of life, the watchmaker has earned a reputation over the years for models that push the limits of watchmaking and technology. Praised by the greatest athletes, Richard Mille watches are distinguished by their sturdiness, precision and incredible lightness.

To celebrate the launch of its first women’s sports watch, the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport, Richard Mille has assembled six inspiring and powerful athletes: Aurora Straus pilot Margot Laffite, golfer Nelly Korda, athletes Nafi Thiam and Yuliya Levchenko and single Snowboarder Ester Ledecká shares their experience developing and defining the attributes of this best replica watches.

“Our partners are passionate individuals ready to break the mold of their respective disciplines to succeed. Our relationships, built on respect, communication, trust and mutual appreciation, have been key to our development. They help us move towards Perfect. » Amanda Mille, Director of Brands and Partnerships, Richard Mille.

Combining ergonomics and ultra-lightness, performance and impact resistance, extreme frame and architectural aesthetics, the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport is one of those premium sports cars that strive for perfection. Weighing just 36g including the strap, it is the lightest in the Richard Mille womenswear collection.

This versatile watch is designed to meet the needs of every athlete in their field “Nafi Thiam, Ester Ledecká and Yuliya Levchenko needed a lighter watch, while Nelly Korda, Aurora Straus and Margot Laffite were looking for a lighter watch .Multifunction”.

In order to achieve such an achievement, it took three years of development, especially for the CRMA8 movement, and the watch engineers had to surpass each other in ingenuity and develop a new, very compact and skeletonized self-made automatic movement, which guarantees shock resistance. 5000g and is seamlessly integrated into the case with the movement, so the inner workings are clear at a glance. Extreme finishes underline the elegance of this uncompromising mechanism.

One of the parts that require the most attention is the flange, which is machined as if it belongs to the movement. At first glance, the flange and the movement appear to be in one piece, balancing the overall structure, which includes the titanium beams and, in particular, the openwork window that integrates the function selector. The boldness of this structure creates a game of extraordinary visual dynamics. richard mille skull watch price

The function selector, a signature complication of the brand, removes any pressure on the winding stem. A selector is attached to a pusher at 4 o’clock, allowing you to choose between neutral (N), winding (W) or time-setting (H) positions with a single press. Hand at 5 o’clock shows active function on grade 5 titanium bridge. Compared to other selectors of this type from Richard Mille, its inverted position makes it easier to see the kinematics of the movement and further emphasizes the original brand.

The case of RM 07-04 is available in different colors, the Carbone TPT® model is black, and the Quartz TPT® five models are cream, fuchsia, salmon, green and dark blue. Crown in satin-brushed, micro-blasted and polished grade 5 titanium, crown rubber available in different colours, pushers in colored quartz TPT® with titanium edge. richard mille bubba watson replica