Richard Mille and Ferrari’s first joint watch rewrites the record for ultra-thin watches

“A mountain is still a mountain high”, “records are created to be broken”… These are the stalks that everyone hears and recites, but they happen to be the true portrayal of RICHARD MILLE’s new RM UP-01 Ferrari. This watch subverts the brand The thick impression of the watch in the past has changed to the ultra-thin route, and since Richard Mille wants to study the ultra-thin process, it must be in place at one time. In the end, the watch has an overall thickness of only 1.75mm. The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra, which was soon on the throne of “Mechanical Watch”, succeeded in overtaking the original record in less than half a year. It is worthy of being a top watch co-branded with Ferrari.

Since RICHARD MILLE became a partner with FERRARI in 2021, the outside world has been looking forward to what kind of eye-opening works the two sides will create together. In the past, RICHARD MILLE has created personal watches for his brand friends from the racing industry. Experience, for example, RM 67-02 often uses different materials with different colors to echo the personal characteristics of a certain racing driver, and the brand has previously had experience in creating racing watches for racing or car brands, but this time they cooperated with Ferrari The first watch launched after the cooperation, the RM UP-01 Ferrari, was greatly unexpected, because the two parties did not come up with a new racing watch according to the normal brand, but instead challenged the ultra-thin craftsmanship. curious.

After RICHARD MILLE cooperated with Ferrari, they released their first joint watch, RM UP-01 Ferrari. The watch features an ultra-thin design.

At first glance, the shape of the watch may not be able to connect it with Ferrari, but RICHARD MILLE does not determine the style of the Ferrari joint watch from the surface image. They start from the spirit of Ferrari’s obsession with developing elegant, beautiful and highly recognizable mechanisms. , recalling that this top Italian car factory has always jumped out of the existing frame or even went against the trend in model design, and created its own amazing new aesthetic style. Therefore, RM UP-01 Ferrari hopes to challenge the ultra-thin craftsmanship In fact, it is a product created by combining the common values ​​of the two brands.

The thickness of the RM UP-01 Ferrari case is only 1.75mm, breaking the record for ultra-thin mechanical watches in the watch world.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari uses grade 5 titanium for its 39x51mm horizontal tonneau case. This material is lightweight and has laboratory-proven impact resistance, making it ideal for protecting the ultra-thin movement inside the watch, from Did you see anything in the last sentence? Looking at the current record-breaking ultra-thin watches in the world, they have a common feature that they mostly reduce the thickness of the watch by integrating the movement and the case back. But this time, RICHARD MILLE hopes to maintain the traditional structure of the watch and “package” the movement in the case to ensure that the watch has better impact resistance and durability.

The dial pattern is relatively simple, from which you can see that the structure of the watch movement is different from the traditional movement. At the same time, the prancing horse logo of Ferrari is engraved on the lower right side of the dial.

From the appearance of the men replica watches, the front of the RM UP-01 Ferrari presents a rather simple style, including the eccentric hour and minute dials at 12 o’clock, the escapement system at 1~2 o’clock, and the 10~11 o’clock direction. For the crown function display (winding or time adjustment), the direction from 7 to 8 o’clock is a gear-type “crown” for winding. Follow the instructions around the crown to know the direction of the winding. The prancing horse logo of Ferrari is engraved on the lower right corner of the dial without any function or device, giving the watch a distinct joint theme.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari is an ultra-thin watch with a separate movement and case. RICHARD MILLE hopes to maintain the traditional structure while enhancing the watch’s impact resistance.

The design of the back of the watch is simpler than that of the front. In addition to the engraving of the brand logo and watch-related information, only the back of the crown function display and the crown gear can be seen. The key to making the RM UP-01 Ferrari so thin is the RM UP-01 hand-wound movement. The base plate and bridges of this movement are also made of titanium alloys. To achieve ultra-thinness, traditional movements must be abandoned. The way of superimposing gears and hands in the structure, so in this respect, RICHARD MILLE, like other brands famous for creating ultra-thin watches, adopts the method of arranging the parts in a horizontal direction, except that the RM UP-01 Ferrari also has a The movement with the case separated, this movement has been tested to withstand 5,000g acceleration shock, and its durability is not as fragile as the ultra-thin watch in the impression. At the same time, its movement thickness is only 1.18mm, which also refreshes the thinnest mechanical watch. The record of the movement, and another important point is that the power reserve of the RM UP-01 can reach 45 hours. It is really eye-opening that it can create nearly two days of kinetic energy in such a thin space.

The escapement structure of the watch has been transformed, and a new patented design is used to reduce the thickness.

There are several highlights of the RM UP-01 movement. For example, its escapement structure adopts a new patented design, which removes components such as the safety balance and fork nails that are necessary for traditional designs, and replaces the speed and slow needle system with weight fine-tuning. In addition, the design of the geared crown applied to the movement is also very different from the traditional movement. The brand indicates that the movement parts are as thin as possible within a limited tolerance range, of course, the premise is to pass the brand’s requirements for the durability of the parts.

The RM UP-01 movement is only 1.18mm thick, which is also a super-top level among mechanical movements.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari is not a concept Discount watch, but it is a solid limited edition of 150 pieces. It may seem like it does not look like the Richard Mille watch in memory, but it actually includes wine. Features such as the barrel-shaped case, spline screws and hollow bridges are quite representative elements of the brand. This is an ultra-thin watch that emphasizes practicality. It is not only thinner than others, but also more durable and sturdy than its peers. , bold and creative as Ferrari’s unrestrained car-making philosophy is super impressive.

RM UP-01 Ferrari

Titanium alloy material / RM UP-01 manual winding movement / eccentric hour, eccentric minute display / sapphire crystal / diameter 39x51mm