This watch has a W16 Bugatti Chiron engine!

Bugatti teamed up with legendary watch maker Jacob & Co to create a watch exclusively for Chiron owners. Called the Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, it featured a replica of the Chiron’s W16 engine.

Bugatti has a tradition of making super exclusive watches to go with their super exclusive cars. When Bugatti launched the Veyron in 2005, they teamed up with luxury watch maker Parmigiani Fleurier to create a watch called the Model 370. This is a very expensive watch used to complement the car and is only available to Bugatti Veyron owners. In fact, the launch of the car was supposed to coincide with the launch of the watch. However, the Veyron has been plagued by a number of issues and its launch has been delayed. As a result, the watch ended up launching a full year before the car’s launch.

Fast forward 15 years and now Bugatti has the Chiron. Bugatti’s partnership with Parmigiani Fleurier continued into 2019, but now the French automaker has teamed up with legendary watchmaker Jacob & Co. to create another watch to go with the Chiron. Bugatti has worked with Jacob & Co. on some very radical and exclusive watches, such as the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono. However, what they’re building now for Chiron is nothing short of fantastic. It’s called the Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

The watch actually comes with a replica of the Bugatti Chiron’s W16 engine. The details are simply incredible, and even the engine movement is integrated into the movement of the watch. If you press the right-hand crown, the turbine spins, the crankshaft turns, and even the tiny piston pump. There are 578 individual mechanical parts, all placed under a massive sapphire crystal, allowing you to get a clear view of this masterpiece.

Jacob & Co luxury spent a year crafting an all-new design that replicates the legendary 1,500-horsepower W16 engine. The crankshaft is made from a single piece of steel. Additionally, the entire mechanism is suspended on four shock absorbers for more car reference. Also, since the mechanism is suspended from the shock absorber, it allows the mechanism to move freely within the housing and move on its own, giving it a floating effect.

The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon has a battery life of just 60 hours. Even so, it can be monitored through a fuel gauge like a gauge for more car reference information. The watch is also fully customizable, and you’ll find many other references to the original Chiron in the best watch. The case is made of black titanium with a rubber strap and titanium buckle.