“Transformers” Mark Wahlberg wears PP’s latest watch at a well-known watch store exhibition

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg) recently took advantage of his work to go to Ireland for a vacation. From the content shared by his IG, you can see the 5-star hotel where he lives and the Adair Manor Golf Club and other attractions. He seems content to be able to unwind at Adair Manor, which he calls “the greatest golf course in Europe,” and it’s no wonder he’s excited to take pictures with family and friends and even roam the course himself. ‘s video. watches replica

Mark Wahlberg sees a holiday in Ireland as a “salmon return”, because his parents are of Irish descent, although his ancestors immigrated from Ireland early to the Republic of China, and Mark Wahlberg He was also born in Boston, but he still remembers Ireland as his hometown, and he enjoys talking to the locals with an Irish accent that naturally awakens from elementary school during his local vacation. It feels like He was as comfortable as being born in Ireland.

In addition to enjoying golf in Ireland, Mark Wahlberg’s other hobby was also satisfied here. It turned out that during his stay in Dublin, he also attended the 2022 new watch exhibition held by the well-known local jewelry and watchmaker Weir & Sons. , For Mark Wahlberg, who is obsessed with watches, it is certainly a pleasure to see the new works of many well-known brands in one breath.

However, Mark Wahlberg himself is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He owns countless high-end watches. When he is going to attend an event such as the 2022 New Watch Exhibition, what watch he will wear naturally also attracts attention. On the day of his appearance at the Weir & Sons show, Mark Wahlberg wore a slightly yuppie-style outfit with NEW BALANCE 327 casual shoes, but the most eye-catching thing on his body was definitely the PP watch he was wearing. .

At the 2022 new watch exhibition held in the watch shop, Mark Wahlberg wore the latest Patek Philippe 5172G chronograph in 2022, showing his extraordinary collection strength. Source: IMAGE Magazine

It is not surprising that Mark Wahlberg owns a PP watch. The surprise is that it is the new 5172G chronograph that Patek Philippe has just launched in 2022! This watch has been replaced with a salmon-colored dial this year, which is distinguished from the dark blue dial of the original 5172G-001. The salmon face 5172G is matched with a brown alligator leather strap, and the dial pointer scales are changed to black, creating a clear contrast with the salmon face. There is also a small change in the direction of 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. A luminous dot hour-marker enhances the night vision effect of the watch by the details.

The main change of the 5172G-010 model is the use of rose gold opalescent dial, also known as salmon face, with platinum shell and brown strap, showing a stronger nostalgic style.

It can only be said that Mark Wahlberg is worthy of being a senior watch fan. He quickly started PP’s new watch this year, and he also showed off his new collection when he attended the new watch exhibition of well-known watch stores. He has carefully selected the right watch for the occasion; for the photo-taking scene, he is wearing the latest PP watch in front of the PP display cabinet. The watch, but the watch in his hand that night was enough to make the watch lovers present envious. He is indeed an old watch driver with a strong collection.