Bovet 1822. Handmade in Switzerland.

Bovet Fleurier SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaking brand franchised by Édouard Bovet on May 1, 1822 in London, England. It is famous for pocket watches made for the Chinese market in the 19th century.

Today, it produces high-end art watch styles that draw on its nearly two-century history.

The company is known for its high-quality dials (such as the Fleurier Miniature Painting model), engravings and 7-day tourbillons. The original Bovet was also one of the first to emphasize the beauty of its movement with a skeletonized view and a highly decorative movement. Bovet Watches was also one of the first companies to offer second-hand watches, and the company has a tradition of employing female artisans, a rarity among traditional watchmaking companies in Europe.

Buy Bovet with Bitcoin on BitDials Bovet is an independent haute horlogerie manufacturer that produces just 3,000 watches a year. He even asks you to come back two or three or four times. It’s normal because you’re doing something handcrafted. There are only three things to true luxury: a clear identity, minimal quantities and handcraftedness.

Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier dress watch.

Luxury is such a boring term.

The point is, while many watches command a premium, they often rarely meet reasonable expectations for luxury. For example, say it’s really rare. It looks and feels handcrafted. It has unique details made by artisans dedicated to their trade. Last but not least, it exudes class, confidence, and a desire to at least be timeless in its appeal.

The Bovet 19Thirty Fleurier is a watch with a unique look, with a shocking atmosphere that can only be experienced in person.

Front to back, side to side, it has a rare elegance enforced by a manufacturer that carries out 42 different trades and specialties in-house. In every way, this is Bovet’s own thing. At $21,500, this hand-carved Bovet 19Thir0 Fleurier is less expensive than a second-hand market steel Daytona—but if you’re well-dressed and present, it’s incredibly powerful.

At just 9.05mm thick, it’s as thin as a dress wholesale replica watches, and at 42mm wide it looks imposing yet elegant. The uniquely shaped bow on the top is finished with a fine finish, and the crown is topped with a blue sapphire cabochon.

An entry-level watch in the Bovet collection, the Bovet 19thirty Fleurier does not have the Amadeo system of other Bovet watches, which allows the watch to be converted into a pocket watch or a table clock without tools. Still, you get the perfectly balanced vibe of classic watchmaking from this setup.

For those who haven’t embraced this aesthetic yet, the 19Thirty Dimier version has traditional lugs and a crown at 3 o’clock – which is great too, but the 19Thirty Fleurier version is the real deal.

The movement is Bovet’s in-house calibre 15BM04, with a 7-day power reserve provided by a mainspring over one meter (three feet) long.

There is a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock on the dial side, as well as an auxiliary running second hand. The overall style is inspired by a fake Bovet pocket watch from 1930, hence the look and name.