Focus on the three-dimensional chain to create multiple mirror lights HUBLOT classic fusion series Orlinski chain watch

Whenever we see “joint design”, what we are most afraid of is to simply put a certain iconic pattern on the object of cooperation. You can interpret this as simple and straightforward, but it is somewhat expected to be more possible presentation. Fortunately, in the series of watches co-branded by HUBLOT and artists, we have never been disappointed. It is not so much a joint design between HUBLOT and an artist, it is better to say that HUBLOT learns from the artist and transforms design thinking into the DNA of the brand. A watch with a distinct personality was born. Outcome? Every time we see a new HUBLOT, it is like experiencing a shocking education about the vision of watches and clocks, and you can know how successful the operation of HUBLOT is.

Classic Fusion Series Orlinski Bracelet Watch Model Information Polished titanium material / HUB1100 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / white ceramic dial / water resistance 50 meters / diameter 40 mm.

Classic Fusion Series Orlinski Bracelet Watch Model Information Polished Titanium Material / HUB1100 Automatic Movement / Hours, Minutes, Seconds Display / Black Ceramic Dial / Water Resistance 50 Meters / Diameter 40 mm.

Create a special three-dimensional chain belt to show excellent craftsmanship

Just like in 2022, HUBLOT will once again join hands with the leading figure of French contemporary art: Richard Orlinski, the newly launched Classic Fusion classic fusion series Orlinski bracelet watch, the entire watch is presented in three-dimensional multi-faceted, including 40 mm polished titanium case. , an all-titanium metal chain strap, and a ceramic dial, under the refraction of light, it shows the deconstruction and reconstruction of the shape of the watch, which is avant-garde and dazzling.

This way of expression undoubtedly comes from Orlinski’s unique style. He is good at expressing powerful animal sculptures through bold geometric sections, conveying a wild, primitive, and futuristic interpretation. The Orlinski chain strap watch produced by the two parties It is not only the first time that replica HUBLOT has launched a titanium bracelet, but also the special three-dimensional section design of Orlinski’s work, which perfectly extends from the case and dial to the bracelet.

It is also a coincidence that in 2022, many watch brands will launch titanium metal cases invariably, ranging from medium and low-priced brands to top-level high-end prices. It seems that everyone is amazed at the metal charm of titanium material at the same time this year. But I have to say that the Orlinski bracelet watch is definitely one of the most avant-garde and design thinking.

Thickly cut light titanium metal jumps into light and shadow projection device

Titanium has not been widely used in high-end watches in the past, because although the weight of titanium alloy is only about half of that of stainless steel, it has better skin-friendliness and is not easy to cause skin allergies. It is very suitable for making watch cases. Material, but the color of titanium tends to be silver-gray, and the luster after processing is not as bright as the silver-white light of stainless steel. For high-end watches that value texture and pursue dazzling luster, it is a bit too low-key. But HUBLOT is worthy of being an expert in material application, from carbon fiber, various colored ceramics, sapphire crystal glass, and now it has conquered titanium metal. The Orlinski bracelet watch is made of grade 5 titanium. The original silver-gray titanium alloy has a mirror-like brightness after polishing. Under different light refraction angles, sometimes it is starlight silver gray, sometimes it is midnight dazzling black, and the brightness is more abundant. Alluring.

With the creation of HUBLOT, the original neutral color titanium alloy has been sculpted into sharp lines and dazzling light like a piercing arrow. The 12-sided case, the angular lugs, the appearance of the discount replica watches constructed from triangles, squares, polygons… HUBLOT’s “H”-shaped logo echoes.

The multi-faceted appearance not only makes the Orlinski bracelet look like a futuristic spaceship, but the light weight of the case and bracelet made of titanium makes you feel the “space style” of this watch even more strongly. . The polished titanium material with multi-faceted bevels is light in hand, and compared with the solid and heavy hand of traditional stainless steel bracelet watches, it shows a unique wearing experience. The avant-garde appearance with a sense of technology is shocking, and even wearing it on your hand, you can feel the futuristic sense brought by the evolution of materials.

The ceramic dial of the watch also continues the artistic characteristics of Orlinski. The geometric cut surfaces connected from various angles make the dial, which should have been a plane or an arc surface, immediately endowed with rich expression changes. At this time, you can finally understand why such a trendy fake watches for sale chose the safest black and white dial, because HUBLOT chose to let the overlapping light and shadow tell the depth and three-dimensionality of the dial, and every cut angle of the dial , depth are precisely designed and measured, the complex workmanship produces countless reflected light, and the interaction between the facets gives the dial a sculptural sharpness; The second hand of the Logo stacks rich visual layers between the pure black and white colors.

Special staggered diamonds show French low-key sexy

The Classic Fusion Orlinski bracelet watch is not only available in white-polished titanium and black-polished titanium, but also in more luxurious cross-diamond versions. Dazzling diamonds surround the 12-sided bezel and H-shaped screws. From the case, bezel and chain links, a total of 3.79 carats of dazzling diamonds are inlaid, especially the diamonds inlaid on the chain, which highlights the boldness and neatness Geometric faceted lines. As a French artist, Orlinski created a diamond watch that expresses the unique sensuality of French men.

From HUBLOT’s classic fusion series Orlinski bracelet watch, we can definitely feel the core DNA of replica HUBLOT: avant-garde, innovative, and always seeking to be different, which perfectly integrates the design thinking of contemporary artists, and sees the world through different perspectives of artists. Reinventing and reinterpreting a watch. Of course, it must rely on HUBLOT’s development and mastery of material technology to give birth to such a special and eye-catching watch work. The Orlinski bracelet watch you wear is not just a good-looking watch, it is a combination of contemporary craftsmanship and futuristic art.