The new collector’s favorite! Lange first sees the limited edition Odysseus in titanium and ice blue

Lange’s sports watch Odysseus series welcomes its third member this year: reference 363.117, which is a combination of a titanium case and an Ice-blue surface. Following the 2019 stainless steel case blue dial with a chain strap, and the 2020 18K white gold case gray dial (can be matched with a dark brown leather strap, or a black rubber strap), this time the titanium version can be said to be Lange’s Another wonderful work. As Lange’s first titanium fake watch, the first titanium bracelet, and the extremely rare ice blue men’s watch, limited to 250 pieces, this model is very special.

In the recent upsurge of high-end sports watches, Lange, who only released Odysseus in 2019, has indeed made collectors who love German watchmaking wait for a long time. The current series is not as popular as competing products of the same level, but since It is favored by collectors with discerning eyes. Even if you want to buy it, you need to wait patiently. In addition, the annual output of the brand is very limited, so it is a relatively rare and precious style in the market. This time, the titanium case is matched with a bracelet that is also made of titanium, and the titanium material still makes the Odysseus case with rich gloss and matte changes, which is about 43% lighter than the stainless steel material, and is matched with the Odysseus 40.5 The diameter of the millimeter and the thickness of the case of 11.1 millimeters are not only comfortable to wear, but also more comfortable.

The matching ice blue dial is especially unique. The first major point is of course that Lange watches rarely appear, and may even be the first ice blue used in men’s watches. In fact, Lange rarely has such a light color system, because Lange has always adhered to a calm line of color, black surface, silver white surface, dark blue surface are the bulk, and there are a few gray surfaces, as for Salmon Dial, it is already considered It is exceptional, and the current online models are also made of platinum. Therefore, the appearance of the ice blue surface is really eye-catching.

In order to match this ice blue surface, Lange paid special attention to the surface decoration. In the previous models, the hour scale ring and the minute scale ring of the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock used a circular line called “Azurage”, and the center of the dial was a grainy texture with rough particles; In the area where the hour ring is close to the scale, the lines have a very slight downward curvature, creating a 3D illusion as if the hour scale is embedded in the dial, and the dial will look more three-dimensional and deep. The subtle tones of ice blue and the slightly gray luster of the titanium case must be very contrasting.

The movement carried this time is the L155.1 DATOMATIC® self-winding movement specially developed by Lange for the Odysseus series. It has a new type of screw fine-tuning balance wheel, a vibration frequency of 28,800vph and a power reserve of 50 hours. A highly handcrafted piece that is loved by collectors. The hollowed-out 950 platinum automatic rotor is rhodium-plated in the center to enhance the level of light and shadow. The secondary assembled movement is decorated with German silver bridges with Glashütte threads, hand-engraved balance bridges, blued screws and gold sleeves. Lange is as beautiful as ever.