“Gulf Oil” Monaco Special Edition fully updated!

If you ask why the “orange and blue paint” in motorsport can become a track classic? That’s because the more than 100-year-old GULF brand has become a track legend today. Dating back to 1971, the golden age of motorsports, Steve McQueen wore a Monaco chronograph and drove a Porsche 917 in the iconic colors of Gulf Oil in the “Speed ​​​​Furious” movie. The play shines brightly, and since then, the reputation of “Bay Painting” has been greatly shaken. It is precisely because of this good film that Gulf Oil, TAG Heuer and Porsche are linked together for the first time.

In 2007, TAG Heuer began to launch the Monaco series of Gulf Oil special edition watches. In addition to the features such as a square waterproof case and a chronograph movement, TAG Heuer especially incorporated a unique Gulf paint color, with bright colors and a novel appearance. A favorite of many young people. The special edition watch of the Gulf Oil (GULF) brought to you today is the brand new 2022 version brought by the brand at this year’s “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition. The appearance is more elegant and refined, with a very strong modern flavor. .

The watch still uses the iconic square case of the Monaco series, with a size of 39 mm, which is very suitable for sports men to wear, and can also show individual style with business suits. The stainless steel case has distinct edges and corners, with clear and sturdy lines. The sides and front of the case are treated with a wire drawing process, and the edges and corners and the lugs are polished, which is scratch-resistant and has a touch of delicate color, with fine workmanship.

Compared with the previous Gulf Oil model, the new model has been completely updated in terms of movement. For the first time, it is equipped with the brand’s own Heuer02 movement, with a power reserve of 80 hours, and the crown has also been moved to the right side of the case. A stainless steel crown with a brand logo is set on the side of the case, and there are square timing buttons on both sides. The start/pause and reset operations are smooth and smooth. The buttons are also interactively processed by drawing and polishing.

Looking at the front of the copy luxury watch, we can intuitively see the iconic colors of Gulf Oil. The design of blue and orange elements is very unique. This multi-element fusion has also been unanimously praised by many collectors. Different from the previous model, the new watch presents a more modern tone combination based on the original classic three colors of Gulf Oil: the more unique dark blue tone, cyan and orange on the dial, delicate embellishments, make the watch more beautiful. With modern elegance.

On the sun-patterned opal frosted dial, the blue-orange stripes are drawn on the right side of the dial. The 30-minute chronograph subdial at 3 o’clock also uses this color design. In addition, the three chronograph hands are also set in orange, Gulf oil The logo is presented in all white, which is particularly eye-catching. The hour markers at the 12 o’clock position on the dial are replaced by the number “60” treated with polished rhodium, which is intended to pay homage to the number on the Porsche Gulf Oil racing car.

Looking at the back of the watch, the bottom adopts a back-through design, and we can clearly appreciate the beauty of the movement on the back. In addition to the exterior design of the new model, its internal configuration has also been completely updated. The watch is equipped with the brand’s own HEUER02 movement, which is the first time TAG Heuer has equipped this movement in the Gulf Oil special edition watch. This movement adopts a 3-6-9 layout, the small seconds dial is located at 6 o’clock on the dial surface, has 168 components, and is equipped with a column wheel and a vertical coupling clutch. Monaco watches all use this movement, which is accurate and has excellent performance.

The watch is equipped with a blue calfskin strap, lined in orange, with the iconic perforation design of the Gulf Oil watch, and the new model specially uses holes of different sizes to echo the original application The design of the early Monaco collection in the 1970s.

Summary: TAG Heuer’s Monaco series Gulf Oil special edition watch has been warmly welcomed by motorsports enthusiasts since its launch. Its Gulf paint color not only gives the watch a different racing charm, but also bright and unique The color tone of the watch interprets the avant-garde and trendy, coupled with the stable and reliable 02 movement configuration, this watch can be described as another new masterpiece of the classic Monaco series.