Richard Mille Women’s Watches: A Mix of Breeds

This watch collection embodies the love of diversity. The collection comes in three color variations.

The TZP blue ceramic paired with the olive green rubber strap is the focal point here.
TZP Lavender Ceramic and Coral Rubber Strap
TZP Pink Ceramic with Sky Blue Lilac Rubber Strap
Cécile Guenat and her team checked many versions when agreeing on the colors and textures of these latest versions. In the end, they came to these final pieces.

In her own words, Cécile explains, “I was inspired by Miami’s Art Deco architecture, and these pastel colors and bold patterns are so unique and convey such an amazing atmosphere and attitude.”

Richard Mille combines these varieties with the hand-polished lustre of the golden guilloche dial. Then, the brand added a dazzling vibrancy to the two-tone rubber strap. As such, the ceramic case of the new RM 07-01 is easily three of Richard Mille’s most coveted watches.

Each of these three watches in the new Richard Mille Ladies collection is distinct in style. We’ve already mentioned how they show the different new ceramic case colors. Also, their graphic dial components vary.

Finally, the three-part shell comes as a waterproof addition. Thanks to 2 nitrile rubber O-rings, you can guarantee a distance of 50 meters. What’s more, the case assembly includes 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws. There are also wear washers made of 316L stainless steel.

Movement of the blue Richard Mille ladies watch
The core feature of this new blue Richard Mille watch is the new CRMA2 movement created in-house. The movement is a highly skeletonized automatic movement. The creation of this movement was specially designed for the RM 07-01 watch.

In addition, the movement features a baseplate and bridges made of grade 5 titanium. What’s more, CRMA2 includes a variable inertia balance to maintain the long-term performance you want.

In addition, there is a rotor painted in 5N 18K red gold with flexible geometry. This helps it adjust the revs of the rotors based on your activity as the owner. As a result, your watch has an optimized barrel high-rotation winding.

Also, this is a new work by Richard Mille. The patented crown structure replaces the established system. Currently, there is no direct connection to the inside of the movement. So it won’t come off or break due to the extra protection it comes with.

Plus, this timing component gives it an excellent balance of performance and power. This explains why the RM 07-01 has a power reserve of around 50 hours. That’s a huge feat for women’s sports.

Likewise, the technical elegance of this timepiece is perfectly displayed by the skeletonized movement. This is because its balance wheel is set at 6 o’clock. This highlights the maintenance offered to the premium finishes enjoyed by the movement.

The case design of this blue Richard Mille watch
The RM 07-01 watch not only shines with its astonishing mechanical perfection. Again, it adds pleasing curves to its tonneau-shaped case design. Then, its dial is centered on the gem setting.

When all of this is combined with a teardrop-shaped index, the results are amazing. These parts are very different from the lines of the movement. This elegant view further embodies Richard Mille’s 21st century watchmaking strategy.

In addition, the Richard Mille RM 07-01 watch collection debuts in a triple case. The RM 07-01 watch is available in a variety of colors and ceramics. As an owner, you can enjoy beautiful visual contrasts and an incredibly high level of scratch protection

Also available in 45.66 x 31.40 x 11.85 mm dimensions. These Richard Mille women’s watches are perfect for different activities.

The technical excellence of the RM 07-01 watch

In many ways, the design and overall composition of this RM 07-01 watch draws a lot from Baselworld 2019. The introduction of the Richard Mille RM 07-01 watch brings very exciting improvements. Richard Mille’s in-house R&D department came up with a new combination. One that never existed before that.

This novel introduction makes the blue Richard Mille watch the first watch to feature a new carbon fiber TPT bracelet. The structure of the bracelet is exactly the same as Richard Mille’s famous case material.

Several cases have adopted the TPT carbon layering strategy over time. However, the bracelet construction in this design is a whole new approach. The brand’s production team took 13 months to create the carbon fiber TPT bracelet.

This bracelet contains 200 elements. Also, it only weighs 29 grams.

Introduce new materials
Most watch lovers love the look and feel of the bracelet on their watch. However, they found it difficult to wear these watches due to the weight. It’s uncomfortable.

Now, there are new materials that are portable, compact, strong and comfortable. These new materials are a great deal for watch lovers.

So, it’s a good development for Richard Mille. The Carbon TPT bracelet, available only on the Richard Mille ladies’ watch, is exciting.

Now, this RM 07-01 watch is a great way to showcase cool aesthetics and elegance.

a novel structure
Another question is how does the bracelet design work? The bracelet is a product made up of dozens of carbon TPT plates built on a grade 5 titanium structure.

RM’s bracelet comes with 44 screws that Richard Mille instantly recognizes: spline screws. Convenience and robustness of materials is certainly a big talking point. However, what fascinates me the most is the aesthetics of the bracelet.

Finally, the homogeneity of the bracelet extends to the neat, sloping lines of the tonneau-shaped case. Always a delightful sight on the wrist. When it joins the entire blue Richard Mille watch, the result is a piece with all-round elegance.

in conclusion
Mainly, this timepiece presents something different thanks to the addition of carbon TPT to a long list of fresh additions. In addition to the blue Richard Mille watch type, you can also get the RM 07-01 watch in several models

What’s more, the movement that powers the Richard Mille ladies’ watch is the CRMA02. This movement adds weight to the flexible geometry rotor. In addition, it offers a power reserve of 50 hours. Honestly, it’s a treat to own this well-formed movement.

At the end of the day, the variety of materials and colors used in the replica RM 07-01 watch perfectly match. When its case and elegantly designed dial also join in, the results are stunning.