The iconic UR-100 model features a new carbon design from Urwerk Geneve.

The vision behind Urwerk Geneve luxury timepieces is to reimagine traditional watchmaking with unique design qualities and industry-leading movement technology. Urwerk is proud to present the all-new UR-100 C52, a limited edition example of a radical lightweight design. The Urwerk UR-100 C52 is housed in a 41mm case design made of 52 layers of carbon with a titanium case back and weighs 11 grams. The complex dial layout of the UR-100 C52 takes getting used to when reading the time, using its rotating structure to read the luminous indicator.

The titanium caseback is engraved with an inscription to denote that the luxury Urwerk Geneve is limited to 25 pieces, making it another highly sought-after model by collectors and enthusiasts. In addition to its unique design, Urwerk has equipped the UR-100 C52 with an original black rubber strap made especially for the watch.