Hands-on-the ultra-complex and luxurious Jacob & Co.’s Astronomy Casino

One might think that the precision of high-end watches can never be in harmony with the uncertainty of the game of chance? Well, Jacob & Co. merged these two worlds into a timepiece of unexpected complexity. One of its features to Astronomia is that it is equipped with a fully operable micro roulette; with the push of a button, Astronomia Casino will show its playful side. The rest is still a demonstration of a watchmaking event.

In the past few years, Jacob & Co. has successfully created some of the craziest and most complicated watches. If the brand showed more than one crazy iteration of their Astronomia, then Casino is definitely the most unexpected. Like its siblings, the beast of this watch stands out with its impressive vertical movement and constantly moving planetary indicators.

In addition, it is also equipped with a miniature practical roulette, triggered by a button at 7 o’clock. Below the four satellite arms of the watch, the roulette slot appears black, red and green, while its center is made of aventurine. The miniature roulette ball is made of white ceramic. Jacob & Co. fake

However, the exercise that breathes life into this interesting and impressive high-end toy has nothing to do with chance. Vertical Calibre Jacob & Co. JCAM29A is composed of 395 parts, adjusted by a three-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon cage rotates on the first axis for 60 seconds and on the second axis for 2.5 minutes. In addition, the movement rotates on its own within 10 minutes. The other three arms of the movement have time indicators. A 288-faced diamond rotates in 60 seconds, and the magnesium blue lacquered globe also rotates in 60 seconds. Finally, the differential gear system allows the time display to remain upright at 12/6 o’clock regardless of its position around the dial.

This dramatic mechanical animation is presented under an impressive oversized sapphire dome, offering varying perspectives from different angles. On the wrist, the rose gold case of Astro Casino is very large, 47 mm x 27.9 mm. But naturally, this eye-catching top-level watch will not go unnoticed… On the contrary, Jacob & Co. watches are clearly designed for the super-rich, who are not afraid to show off their toys. According to reports, rapper Drake and mixed martial arts champion Connor McGregor are the two famous owners of Astro Casino.

Turn the watch over. Like all Astronomia watches, the two symmetrical up-turn keys are flush with the rose gold case back. One is used to wind the movement and the other is used to set the time. Finally, the watch is fitted with a crocodile leather strap, which is secured to the wrist with an 18k rose gold folding clasp.