Corum Admiral’s Cup Deep Hull 48 Limited Edition Watch

It is big and deep. This is also the first real Corum diving watch I can think of (except for a few diving style Corum Bubble watches). This is a new product of the Corum 2010 Admiral’s Cup Deep Hull 48 watch. Although I have some ideas about it in general, it is quite interesting. The Admiral’s Cup series is very good for the brand, and Corum has made a lot of improvements to it in the past few years. More styles, a great variety, and further make them look more manly, rather than colorful (this is the classic look of all colored flags). Today’s Admiral’s Cup watches have little in common with the original. Here, the flag is hardly there in monochromatic glory. The truly outstanding feature of the Admiral’s Cup watch is its 12-sided case and bezel.

Deep Hull 48 uses a 48mm wide titanium case, which is actually very heavy for titanium. After all, it is a big watch. The case is made of brushed titanium or PVD ​​black coated titanium. Both are limited editions, and I think there is a reason for this. In fact, Corum watches rarely release non-limited edition Admiral’s Cup watches. I think this is because many of them are highly niche targets or experiments. I suggest Deep Hull is an experiment. Corum is testing the design, and I think they want to make a serious case for Corum diving watches.

Functionally, Deep Hull is a serious diver. 1000 meters waterproof. Automatic helium exhaust valve. Lots of luminous, rotating diving bezel, rubber strap… of course… cool name. Design wise. I like this case, but I think it seems to be missing something. It seems that after I read it I want to know, “Really?” It seems that I wish it had only one trick.

Maybe my problem lies on the dial. It just feels too much like other attached second day/date Corum Admiral’s Cup watches. Just a little more lumens. Can Corum do more? maybe. Maybe it’s a more original and style diving watch. Take a look at the Chanel J12 Marine, the theme of this watch is ocean and ocean. It feels like “Big Tony’s Grand Corum watch with sharp corners.” I think I like Deep Hull more than I do. I like the concept. I like diving watches, but I think Corum needs to spend more time on the dial. Inside the watch is an automatic movement certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory, with auxiliary seconds and day/date complications. I have a feeling that the movement is like a modified Valjoux 7750. Corum calls this movement the CO947 movement

Similarly, the copy watch case, back cover, crown, strap, clasp and other external features are great. Even the extra-thick 12-sided sapphire crystal glass on the dial is cool. Again, the dial itself is not bad or something, I just think I want more, I know Corum can give it to me. Deep Hull 48 is not a bad watch, nor is it a bad purchase, but I think they can do better given Corum’s new efforts in design and polishing. I have no doubt that they will. This limited edition watch will lay the foundation for the launch of better and more beautiful Corum diving watches in the near future.