Zenith celebrates one of its most iconic design elements with an original three-color chronograph exclusively available online

Since the launch of the A386 in 1969, the three-color chronograph has become one of Zenith’s most recognizable features, and has been used in many models equipped with El Primero over the years. For lovers of three-color dials, Zenith offers the ultimate incarnation, showing the three most widely used iconic gray and blue hues to date, beyond the simple dial: Chronomaster Original.

The Zenith online store has served customers all over the world for more than a year, and now it welcomes its second exclusive creation, the Chronomaster Original e-commerce version. The new Chronomaster Original was launched in the early summer of 2021, reinterpreting the iconic El Primero reference with 1969 A386 steel. By equipping this latest generation timepiece with the famous automatic chronograph movement, the manufacturer has made it a well-deserved successor to one of the most coveted automatic chronographs ever. Its 38 mm steel case has no bezel and retains the same proportions as the original, as well as piston pushers and slightly raised box glass. On the other hand, it contains movement at 5Hz (36 ‘

One of the most unique features of the Chronomaster Original watch and the previous A386 is the three-color dial. Although this eye-catching aesthetic element has become synonymous with El Primero, this Chronomaster Original dial exclusively available online goes one step further in color to celebrate the three-color theme. The main part of the dial is divided into three parts, using the same gray and blue tones as the chronograph. The scale around the dial is a historical feature of the A386, which has been professionally re-adjusted to fit the Chronomaster Original. In addition to simply adding a touch of color to the dial, you can also divide the scale into three different parts. The e-commerce version simplifies the scale’s reading to 1/10 second. This is the first time that another part of the dial—except for the chronograph dial—is decorated in the three iconic colors of El Primero.

The tri-color theme also extends to the strap. The strap is made of dark gray matte leather to match the 60-minute chronograph at 6 o’clock, while the blue ring hand appears on the right (matches the 60-second chronograph) 6 O’clock) 3 o’clock), and another light gray decoration matching the small second hand is on the left. Therefore, this color combination provides a subtle and extraordinary tribute to the most iconic Zenith dial.

The Chronomaster Original e-commerce edition joins some other online exclusives and special editions, with a special large art book box with a 2D drawing of the watch on the cover. By opening this case, buyers will be pleasantly surprised to find a small gift that can complete the three-color experience and share the enthusiasm around them. Three different postcards, made in the brand’s iconic gray and blue tones, represent this watch in a sober and simple style-immediately recognizable as the iconic Zenith El Primero chronograph.

The Chronomaster Original e-commerce edition celebrates the three-color dial in a striking and consistent way, offering unique and colorful changes to this must-have modern evolution of El Primero.

03.3200.3600 / 34.C869
E-commerce exclusive
Automatic El Primero column wheel chronograph capable of measuring and displaying 1/10 second
Power reserve increased by 60 hours
4:30 Date display
Stop second device