“What if…? 》 What if the AP Royal Oak Three-Hand Black Ceramic Watch is 41mm?

This AP Royal Oak automatic winding black ceramic is the most famous black horse this year. It has a small diameter of 34mm and is released with several female watches of the brand. If you are classified as a female watch, you will jump quickly. After that, it will be a big loss. Indeed, in general, women’s watches do not attract too much attention from their cousins, but this one has won a lot of applause-and most of them are from male cousins, because it is currently the only basic function of AP in all black. Ceramic table. The appearance is cool and stylish, and the price is relatively low. How can people who want to own AP not chase it?

But, “Why not make it bigger? If this AP Royal Oak automatic black ceramic watch is 41mm…39 or 37mm, how good would it be?” I believe this is the cry in the hearts of many watch friends, because 34mm The diameter of the watch plus the sporty appearance of the Royal Oak is indeed a bit smaller for many male watch fans. This time AP is eccentric. It’s really “Ladies First”. At this time, the men can’t wait for their wrists to be small before they have the opportunity to wear their own wrists.

77350CE Black Ceramic Royal Oak Automatic Watch Diameter 34mm, black ceramic case / 5800 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / 50 hours power reserve / water resistance to 50 meters

In 2021, AP launched two 34mm new models. Among them, this one is the most eye-catching model, which is the smallest automatic winding watch model in the Royal Oak series. The watch is made of black ceramic and embellished with rose gold, showing a noble two-tone contrast style. Because the case and strap are made of black ceramics (the bottom cover is made of titanium), the polished ceramics are very beautiful, making it the biggest highlight of this watch. The dial is decorated with a large Grande Tapisserie grid pattern, with fluorescent coating rose gold three-dimensional hour markers, and the movement is equipped with a newly developed automatic winding 5800 movement. Because all black ceramics are eye-catching and suitable for both men and women, they have become a hot style chased by the market as soon as they are launched.

This Royal Oak three-hand date black ceramic is the smallest automatic winding watch in the Royal Oak series, and it is currently AP’s only fully black ceramic watch with basic functions.

Why is black ceramics popular?
Because it is scratch-resistant, stylish, and light-handed

Why is AP’s black ceramics so popular? Because the AP watch model is so polished, the edges and corners are distinct, and it is quite common to wear it with a little attention. Scratch watches are quite common, especially for the chain strap style. Therefore, if the ceramic material has the wear resistance characteristics, it will be favored by consumers. However, as we all know, AP Royal Oak’s black ceramics have always been used for complex functions above the perpetual calendar. The relatively simple style is also the double balance black ceramic that was launched at the beginning of the year. The same two models are the darlings of the market, and a watch is hard to find. , The price is also very impressive.

Royal Oak’s black ceramic materials are mostly collocated with complicated functions, and the prices are naturally quite high. (Left to right) Double balance skeleton watch, perpetual calendar watch and tourbillon watch.

I believe AP must be very aware of the powerful charm of their own black ceramics for watch fans, so they are also very cautious in choosing matching styles. Therefore, it was not until 2017 that black ceramics appeared in the Royal Oak series and turned into the 41 mm case of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. , Is also AP’s first black ceramic bracelet. The new Royal Oak three-hand date 34mm is the only black ceramic watch with basic functions at present. The hour markers, hands and eight screws that lock the case of the watch are more rarely made of 18K gold rose gold, which is visually beautiful. At the same time, it adds a noble atmosphere.

The ideal size in mind?
Regardless of 37, 39, 41mm

So if you want to have AP Royal Oak three-hand date black ceramic, would you want it to be 41mm, 39 or 37mm? In fact, no matter which choice it is, it is a very versatile size to wear, because Royal Oak’s classic blue stainless steel bracelet with three-pin date has all these sizes. For example, the 15450ST in 2017 is 37mm, and the 15202ST in 2012 is 39mm, 15500ST in 2019 is 41mm, of which 15202ST and 15500ST are hard-to-find hot-selling models on the market now. The larger the diameter of the watch is more modern, and the smaller the diameter is the atmosphere of Vintage, each with its own characteristics.

Is it possible that the large-diameter black ceramic automatic winding watch of the dream will appear in the future as a special edition with unlimited quantity and limited production capacity? Or launch a style with platinum screws, just paired with women’s models? Of course, various guesses on the brand side will not be revealed to us in advance, but AP has always been a master of market trends and bold attempts, so the only thing not to worry about is that they absolutely understand what best fake watches fans want.