Can this newly launched “Panda Disk” watch explode?

This year, coincides with the 175th anniversary of the establishment of Ulysse Nardin. The brand has expanded its lineup of its nautical series and launched seven new timepieces. In this offline visit to the watch house, we rarely encountered the new nautical series that have been launched in the flagship store of the Athens Watch Beijing International Trade Center. Among them, this high-value nautical series leader panda wrist The watch attracted our attention. (Watch model: 1183-310LE-0A-175/1A)

In 1846, Mr. Ulysse Nardin founded the watch brand of the same name in Le Locle, Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin Athens Watch, which provided marine chronometers for multinational navies. Ulysse Nardin’s marine chronometers have won numerous awards in horological competitions due to their accuracy and reliability, and enjoy a high reputation in the watchmaking world. This is where the nautical series came from. In 2017, Ulysse Nardin launched the Navigator series of Navigator watches, whose name comes from the early days of a small, fast ship, agile and agile, much better than large ships. Therefore, the Navigator series Navigator watch is lighter, slimmer and more convenient than the regular sailing series watch. It is very popular with watch friends.

In this year’s nautical series of Navigator watches, there is one that vividly demonstrates the unswerving exploration of watchmaking technology by Ulysse Nardin, and also demonstrates the unparalleled precision performance of the Nautical Observatory’s timepieces-this is the new nautical series Navigator Panda Watch.

On the dial of the Nautical Pioneer Panda watch, we can see that there are two dark blue subdials on it, which can make people think of the black eye sockets on the panda’s face. “The word comes from here.

The small dial at 12 o’clock is used to display the power reserve, and the small second dial at 6 o’clock is a circular calendar window.

The white lacquered dial is paired with dark blue Roman numeral hour markers, and the cathedral hands are drawn across the dial. We seem to see the nautical chronometer that guides people in the waves in the distant years.

The 42 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel, and the surface is polished. The coin-patterned bezel adds a bit of retro temperament to the best swiss replica watches.

The watch comes with a blue or brown crocodile leather strap. It also provides an R-STRAP fabric strap made of recycled fishing nets. Consumers can choose the type of strap according to their preferences.

The movement uses the UN-118 movement, the main movement that Ulysse Nardin is proud of. The most noteworthy part of this movement is that it uses advanced silicon technology and diamond silicon crystal technology. Diamond silicon crystal technology is the exclusive technology of Ulysse Nardin. It can strengthen the hardness of silicon and prevent breakage on the basis of retaining the original advantages of silicon material. The UN-118 movement consists of 260 parts, the vibration frequency is 28,800 V/H, and it has a power reserve of 60 hours.

The 175th anniversary of watchmaking heritage, reappearing the glory of sailing, Athens Watch is worthy of being a natural “nautical adventurer”. Its mastery of watchmaking skills, expression of watchmaking aesthetics, and interpretation of watchmaking spirit make the new nautical series work from the inside. Exudes a charming charm outside. Ulysse Nardin cheap