Corum Bubble X Ray automatic watch

Be bold and wild! Green light in the bubble | Corum Bubble X Ray automatic watch The large-sized case and the extra-thick mirror with a curvature close to the hemisphere constitute the unique appearance of the Corum Bubble watch. The bubble watch, which was born in 2000, can be called a disease in the 21st century. New works of the era that are rising quickly. On the 21st anniversary of the advent of the Bubble series, Kunlun Watch launched the new Bubble X Ray automatic watch, which was inspired by the original bubble watch and reinterpreted the essence of the aesthetic vocabulary of this series.

Corum Bubble X Ray automatic watch / 47mm diameter, black PVD coated stainless steel case and bezel. Equipped with CO 082 automatic winding movement. The power reserve is 42 hours. With functions: hour, minute, second display. Water-resistant to 100 meters. Limited to 88 pieces.

The late Severin Wunderman, the former chairman of the Kunlun Watch Group, was an important promoter of the bubble watch. Starting from scratch, his tortuous life is a legend-he was born in Belgium, hid in a school for the visually impaired during the Nazi occupation of Poland, moved to Los Angeles at the age of ten, and began to enter the watch industry in the 1960s and achieved great success. In 2000, after he bought Kunlun Watch, he brought his business acumen and unique aesthetics to Kunlun Watch, and opened up a new era of creative Mercedes-Benz for Kunlun Watch, which was born with an innovative soul.

Because of his extraordinary life experience, Severin Wunderman particularly prefers things that are not conservative, and his personal style is clear, which has accumulated considerable cultural assets and style influence for Kunlun Watch. The bubble watch he created is original and unprecedented. The large-size case with a diameter of 44mm is covered with a large arched watch mirror. The dial pattern that can be seen through the watch mirror also shows through The magnification effect of the convex lens is strange and playful. When this watch debuted, Wunderman stated that its design was inspired by a deep-sea diving experimental luxury fake watches from the 1960s. That diving watch was equipped with a large arched mirror to withstand deep-sea pressure.

Corum Watch flexibly used the magnification and deformation effect brought by the round arched watch mirror, and designed many creative dials for the bubble watch; Wunderman, who just bought Corum in 2000, has always been concerned about life, death and the ” Abstract topics such as “Dia de Muertos” (Dia de Muertos) are very fascinating. Therefore, the first batch of bubble watches launched at that time included a skull design and became one of the most representative totems.

On the occasion of the 21st year of the birth of the Bubble watch, Kunlun Watch launched the Bubble X Ray automatic watch, paying tribute to the skull watch of the past, and also paying tribute to Severin Wunderman, who created this millennial classic, and adopts a more contemporary style. Sensational techniques and creativity interpret a refreshing look, and at the same time, with a wild attitude of 47mm in diameter, it strongly demonstrates the strong presence of the bubble watchmaker’s wrist.

The dial is made of brass with a sapphire crystal chassis. The highly realistic skull pattern is set in the center of the dial with a black and white effect like an X-ray film; when it is in the dark, a strong luminous effect appears, and the skull will emit a mysterious Fluorescent green light, the visual effect is quite exciting. The dial configuration is extremely simple. The dial is surrounded by a circle of white minute scales, and the hour position is only roughly subdivided by lines. The smooth silver hands are presented in hollow lines. The overall configuration focuses on the theme of leaving the focus of the entire dial to the skull. To do the performance, but also to avoid the problem of the picture is too complicated.

In addition to the bold and eye-catching patterns on the dial, the entire side lines are also impressive. The sapphire crystal watch mirror has a high arched round arc, pure and transparent, and shining brightly. It is in absolute contrast with the matte black of the black PVD-coated case and bezel, which is sharp and clear. The entire case structure is outlined with arc-like lines. The side of the case is centered on the huge hemispherical crown, and the M-shaped lines are drawn to the two sides, which are like seagulls flying, and extend all the way to the lugs. ; These two smooth arcs extend a gentle curve that fits the wearer’s wrist more for the case with a diameter of 47mm. Corum fake

In order to match the design of the dial, the composite strap is also sewn with fluorescent green stitching, and the color matching is done in one go. The inner layer of the strap is made of rubber, which is comfortable and durable to wear. The strap adopts fluorescent green stitching, which echoes the fluorescent green luminous effect of the dial.

The overall style is unique and strong, and the design details contain ingenuity. The case and bezel are made of stainless steel with black PVD coating. The blackened style is the most appropriate frame of the dial pattern, and it also highlights the translucent and translucent dome-shaped sapphire crystal mirror. The shape of the black hemispherical crown is round and full, echoing the lines of the mirror.

Through the sapphire crystal transparent caseback treated with an anti-glare coating, you can appreciate the operation of the CO 082 automatic movement. The simple movement structure is full of contemporary beauty, and the brand name “Corum” is engraved on the automatic plate. Power reserve of 42 hours, with hour, minute and second display functions. Limited edition of 88 pieces, the case back is marked with the serial number of the limited edition.