Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black is presented in obsidian tones, and its dual time display is very suitable for overseas travel. In addition, as explained by Angus Davis, it also shares many characteristics with Porsche cars.

In 1972, after designing the Porsche 911, one of the most iconic cars in history, Professor Ferdinand Porsche founded his company of the same name, Porsche Design. From the beginning, this company has created a variety of products, but all products have a common feature, that is, sublime styling.

Throughout its history, Porsche Design drew inspiration from iconic cars made in Stuttgart. In 2017, Porsche Design Group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porsche. The equity acquisition coincided with the auto brand’s announcement of “focusing on men’s lifestyle products.”

In recent years, fake Porsche Design has introduced a variety of timepieces, the design elements of which are derived from Porsche cars. Some examples include straps and pendulums made of the same leather as Panamera, visible through the back of the exhibit, similar to the appearance of 911 wheels. In fact, Porsche Design can even match the color of your selected watch with the color of your beloved Boxster. It is easy to see the cross-spreading of ideas.

However, the similarities between the two companies are not limited to aesthetics. For years, Porsche has been testing prototypes under some of the harshest and most extreme conditions, from the extreme heat of South Africa to the frozen planes of Scandinavia near the Arctic Circle. In fact, the recently launched Taycan was tested in 30 different countries and evaluated approximately 6,000,000 kilometers. It is this rigorous evaluation process that makes every car of the brand’s Swabian factory enjoy a reputation for reliability.

Similarly, Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black also meets the heavy requirements of the Chronofiable test protocol. Trademark of Laboratoire Dubois, “The test applies to the watch and its components.” They are designed to detect any design flaws and ensure good product reliability before release. Sound familiar?

Porsche Design released the 1919 Globetimer in 2019. The first models are available in titanium or 18 carat gold. The latter model is equipped with a black dial and leather strap, while the titanium model can choose a strap or bracelet with a blue, black or brown dial. The new Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black uses a 42 mm titanium case and is coated with a black titanium carbide coating. The hidden hue of the case extends to the dial and “black leather strap made of high-quality Porsche car leather.”

As the name implies, the watch is equipped with a dual time function. The local time is displayed with the main hour and minute hands, while the main hours of “Home” are displayed with black hands with blue and white protruding tips. The difference between Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black and most GMT watches is that the local hands can be adjusted via the chronograph-style buttons on the right side of the case. The system is marked with “+” and “-” and is very intuitive, reminiscent of the logical and ergonomic switchgear in the 911. Very Porsche.

The day/night indicator is located near 9 o’clock, with white dots for daytime and black dots for night. The 24-hour track is located on the flange, and the analog date indicator points to the track that forms the central area of ​​the dial.

Porsche Design Calibre Werk 04.110 is the core of Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black. The movement is equipped with a time zone device module manufactured by the professional company Dubois-Dépraz. The watch is certified as an chronometer by COSC.

Porsche is synonymous with excellence. Most adults are familiar with the brand and it is easy to talk about luxury and performance. However, as the former owner of the 911, I can prove that Porsche is much more than that. It represents the magical fusion of thoughtful design, smiling tactile experience and meticulous engineering. Even the air is filled with the attractive fragrance of high-quality leather. As this latest timepiece demonstrates, these qualities can also be found in the fine watches of Porsche Design.

Press release of the brand

Two years ago, Porsche Design launched the 1919 Globetimer UTC, a GMT watch that provides smart features, optimized legibility, and convenient and simple operation. No matter where you travel in the world, just press a button and the 12-hour hand will reset to indicate the local time. This observatory-certified timepiece was previously available in three different color versions and will be launched in all black in August this year. This watch features a black titanium carbide coating and a black leather strap made of Porsche interior leather-simple, sporty and, as expected from a Porsche Design watch, it has the best legibility.

Day and night updates-around the world

The 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black watch not only embodies a pure sports car feel on the wrist, but is also ready to embark on a journey anywhere in the world. Derived from the simple and precise operation of the Porsche dual-clutch transmission, the display of the world’s 24 time zones can be adjusted in 1 hour increments-the current time display will not be lost-just press the button that fits and is ergonomically embedded in the housing Button. Each time you press the button, the local time will advance one position clockwise in a short clockwise direction. When flying eastward, every time you press the “+” button, the second time zone will advance by one hour. When flying westward, pressing the “-” button will move the UTC pointer in the opposite direction. All the time, the UTC pointer will automatically move to maintain synchronization. To ensure that this happens at midnight instead of noon, the time only needs to be set correctly once. The circular window on the left side of the dial helps to accomplish this task: during the day, a white spot appears here, while at night, the aperture stays black. Porsche Design also considered the reference time indicated by the seconds hand, and the clearly distinguishable hour hand with a unique luminous tip. This hand turns once every twenty-four hours to show the home time. Clearly distinguishable hour hand with unique luminous tip. This hand turns once every twenty-four hours to show the home time. Clearly distinguishable hour hand with unique luminous tip. This hand turns once every twenty-four hours to show the home time.

Focus on time-every second

Perfect legibility is another essential feature. In order to display the time intuitively from any angle of view, the radius of the dial is designed to be as large as possible, while the titanium case is made very thin. The balanced shape gives this watch a unique sense of lightness, which is further enhanced by the beautifully shaped wristband. The combination of color contrast, unique hands, time scales and numbers uses a large number of non-radioactive Super-LumiNova luminous materials to minimize the chance of misreading even in poor visibility. In addition, seven layers of anti-reflection coating and super hard coating treatment protect the sapphire crystal mirror.

Maximum performance-tested, verified and certified

The latest version of the 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black is also powered by Porsche Design Calibre Werk 04.110. The movement is equipped with a genuine Porsche Design ball-wound oscillating weight. It has established a power reserve of 38 hours and its balance wheel frequency is 4 Hz. The front of the movement is equipped with an innovative time zone mechanism specially developed by Porsche Design and manufactured by Swiss complication expert Dubois-Dépraz.

Before starting mass production, these mechanisms have undergone many long-term tests in accordance with Chronofiable®’s strict standards. Candidates in the shock test receive nearly 5,000 times their own weight, and each button must withstand at least 10,000 switching cycles-far more than the watch can withstand, even under extreme use conditions. Before concealing it in the case, each movement must also be certified for 15 consecutive days of timekeeping accuracy at the Official Swiss Observatory Testing Institute (COSC). During the 15-day trial period, the movement’s daily loss shall not exceed 4 seconds, nor shall it exceed 6 seconds. During this period, the movement was tested in five different positions and three different temperatures.

The 42mm titanium case is water-resistant to 100 meters and is coated with black titanium carbide, which matches perfectly with the black leather strap made of high-quality Porsche car leather. This combination not only ensures that the 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black becomes an indispensable travel companion, but also becomes a powerful statement with its pure monochromatic design. watches online shop