Richard Mille new RM 11-04 Roberto mancini automatic

Richard Mille launches new RM 11-04 Roberto mancini automatic upper chain flyback timecode table After two years of coaching St. Petersburg, Roberto Mancini, Roberto Mancini returned to the main coach of the Italian national football team (Squadra Azzurra), he faced a new challenge: Create a strong football in Europe and the world. He will complete this task under the new RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini automatically, and complete the task, so that countless italian madman fans is true.

The RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini wrist is in 2013, which is the crystallization of this Italian football coach and Richard Mille; it solves a big problem facing football coaches in the field: this game is left How much time? Time is a valuable strategic resource, it becomes more quantitative in the arena and gives a huge pressure on the players and coaches. Once the scoreboard stops displaying time, especially during the overtime, the field will be covered by a more tense atmosphere, and the players will also arrays the feet for this, and inevitably affect the competition strategy.

RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini automatic upper chain flyback time code table. Therefore, it is necessary to design a mechanical watch that can track the half-foot time, overtime time and timeout time. This work combines complex display functions to flyback, so that Mancini can be the main master of time in the field: “As a coach, our duties are best to guide the players. In this way, it is necessary to track and manage time more effectively. This is one of the important factors that determine success or failure. At the end of each point, every second is extremely precious, carrying the possibility of torsion of the game. “

RM 11-04 Roberto mancini automatic upper chain flyback time code table retains the RM 11-01 series of iconic technical features, and integrates the latest design elements of the brand, such as novel lines on the crown, variable geometric structure Carbon TPT® carbon fiber cases that add convex detail and very sports style.

RM 11-04 Roberto Mancini watch not only embellished with the three colors of Italy, but also the blue tones unique to the Italian National Football Team (Squadra Azzurra) are also tribute to Roberto Mancini.

In addition, the automatic upper chain movement of the watch is also equipped with a flying return and the annual calendar. The lap, crown and button cover are delicate decoration, and the rubber strap is equipped with titanium alloy folding table. The new housing reveals the RMAC3 five-stage titanium alloy movement in novel ways. whole watches discount