Greubel forsey replica watches

Say goodbye animal leather.

Greubel Forsey is known for its ultra-known national gym watch, just released an amazing announcement: the brand will permanently eliminate the animal belt of time, but use the plant material starting next year. tape.

Although earlier this year, the first sustainable alternative to the animal leather turned to sustainable alternatives – but Greubel Forsey is the first person who experiences a complete transition, completely hidden with animals. With its most affordable fake watch, Greubel Forsey is definitely made by the only brand of the top of the market.

More broadly, the progress of the luxury supervision industry is slower than luxury – the speed of the automotive industry, which quickly upgrades to the green internal material. This may be the fact that traditional car manufacturers has been considered as major contaminants, which may be promoted because Tesla has accelerated. Bentley and Mercedes-Benz and other giants now rely on experts from DINAMICA and VEGEA to conduct leather substitutes, which actually recirculate paper and plants.

This proves that similar hubs are achievable, this is the view of Greubel Forsey Administrative Antonio Caste. “The technical quotation of plant tape is mature,” Mr. Census “pointed out that” our customers are natural prospective thinking and innovation. ” “

Luxury Greubel Forsey‘s plant tape avoids the indirect contribution of global warming produced by belt. Methane released from cows and chemical runoff from tanks, which usually use chromium and other chromium as chromium processing leather.

But plants’s shoulder straps are not just a green gesture – they are actually a better product for Greubel Forsey. The new type has better durability, including excellent water resistance. They will also attract people as leather to provide in all-round colors, with a comparable tactile feel.

Plant’s shoulder strap is the same as brand belt and can provide a folded buckle or pin. copy watch