Richard Mille self-winding flyback

Richard Mille self-winding flyback chronograph diver RM032 AL TI from “The Expendables III”

This huge 50mm titanium diver’s chronograph (also includes an annual calendar function) demonstrates the rugged military passion. While portraying the elite mercenary Barney Ross, the watch rides with Stallone as he yells in the 2014 action film The Expendables III. In addition to the majestic screen and the iconic Mille artistry, depth and complexity, this timepiece is a very reasonable tool; it complies with all ISO 6452 diving watch standards, as well as enhanced underwater legibility and extra safety crown Locking mechanism.

Richard Mille Skeleton RM51-01 AN CA-TZP

After the watchmaker revived the classic “memento mori” (or reminder of death) symbolism from the yearbook of watchmaking history in 2012, the skull image, whether jewellery or non-jewelry, is closely related to the work of Richard Mille . This golden skull pattern in the series of 30 special pink-Stallone (Stallone) has a clear clean and masculine atmosphere, suitable for action stars. This 42.7mm tonneau-shaped tourbillon was released in 2013 and features a TZP ceramic and carbon nanotube case.

Richard Mille Chronograph Adventure RM20-01 CA

Don’t sound too old-fashioned, but this watch can save your life. At least, this is the intention of Sylvester Stallone and Richard Mille’s 2018 limited edition collaboration. This is triggered by an innocent question: “What watch will Rambo wear?” Bringing the premise of life and death into the mainstream. Layer, the 3 pieces of this 51mm carbon and titanium gear numbered 20 combine the precision of the tourbillon and the timekeeping function of the watch world with a detachable compass tool and a spirit level. Yes, a secret compartment with To store water purification pills from the tactical world. High Quality Replica watches