Jacob & co. Announces “rapid and passion double turbine boost”

Limited edition fake watches combined with DNA ‘records of General Pictures – Leading Movie Legend – Rapy – Racing the racing of Jacob’s racing team is most obvious, the double-three-axis trip wheel rotates 24, 48 and 180 seconds when flashing quickly. 24, 48 and 180 seconds.

ACOB & CO. Announces “fast and passion double turbine boost”, this is a limited edition watch, which combines the general pictures of DNA, its historical smashing DNA, local movie legend – fast fan – and luxury brand is “It is impossible to inspire.”

New clock design is used for speed. Large sapphire crystal face adopts imaging iconic first “fast and passion” movie from 2001: a checkered flag of a checkered flag, behind her is a hot rod car preparing bolt – integrated muscles, another pressurization The top is a fast and passionate logo. Image captures the feeling of life life.

The struck theme of the watch is the most obvious, and the double-three-axis gourmet is 24,48 and 180 seconds in lightning, providing amazing visual impact. The power reserve indicator of the fuel table style between the two. jacob & co astronomia price

This topic continues using a single hole time timer using a horizontal clutch system operating by the column wheel. The complications are associated with the pushers of the timer, integrated into the coronate crank system on the right side of the housing. A pusher starts, stops and resets the chronograph. This is different from most timing code tables, using two pushers.

In addition, the mechanical time reference indicator on the dial is based on the hand-held pit plate, and the racing team has used the driver and the driver’s communication. It mechanically determines the difference between the current and preset reference times.

You may never see something in the course of the car is a decisive repeater. It takes every 10 minutes before hours and minutes.

All complications are powered by 832 components Jacob & Co. Caliber JCFM05 manual wound motion. The sapphire crystal box with the “Fast and Passion Two Turbine Preparation” provides a movie view. The movement is housed in a black texture of 57 mm 57 mm, which is made of 52 mm housing by forging carbon, comprising 88 parts. jacob and co astronomia sky

The wrist is based on the original Jacobi turbine turbine growth, the world’s first phase combined with high-speed biaxial gyro, decimal repeater, single hole timer, and mechanical reference indicator.

“Our double turbine turbine angry is a franchise right of natural and passion,” Jacob Olaf, Jacob & Co.ceo “said. “Not only is the name of our watches, but also overall emphasizes speed and excellence. Jacob & Co. It has been in a number of important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity such as our DNA. New fast and fierce double Turbo is a great watch. “

The watch is limited to nine to celebrate the latest chapters of the General Pictures “Fast and Passion Movie Legend” F9. “It releases the film to be unveiled with the film in the United States. Although the first staging of this partnership has been unveiled, Arabov is about how this collaboration has developed over time.” We plan is hard The confidence is exciting and will be as fast as possible, fierce, exciting, because the movie legend. “

Jacob & Co. fake It has existed with universality, as it produces a piercing watch that is inspired by the Iconic 1983 film from a general picture. For Jacob & Co, it will be the latest partnership in a series of partnerships, including super-sports manufacturers Bugatti, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Lionel Messi, such as sports goats, hype lifestyle.