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Vacheron Constantin: Time “Turning” machine in a century

For the Louis Ferla, Global Administration, Global Administration, every year, what kind of new work is decided every year, which is not an easy thing, and the difficulty is the highest in the Historiques historical name.

Historiques History Wheelhead Series Form Design Inspirations from the historical works of Vachero, across the three centuries of information, and each time the time (each time) selected is a era classic, which has the distinct mark of that era.

The American 1921 watch is such a masterpiece, its crown is not in the three-point clock position we are familiar with the case, but is between two points, 12 o’clock, not in the traditional, but clockwise Deflection 45 degrees, coaxial with the crown.

Watch collectors rarely call it 1921, they prefer to call it “Driver’s Watch”, because the disk deflection design is just convenient to read the time, holding the hand on the steering wheel, the dial number is better to turn into a normal perspective. No need to lift your wrist, the line of sight is also in front, convenient and safe.

This year, the American 1921 watch welcomes the 100th anniversary, “Watch and Miracle” Geneva Line is being held, and Vacheron Constantin has introduced important commemorative works.

Through video connection, we interviewed Luis, he chatted with us 1921 The story behind the best replica watch site, and shared the characteristics of 2021 river temple time, in one sentence, general, own “spin” machine.

American writer Fitzgerad describes the jazz of the 1920s in his novel “The Great Gatsby”. , Talents such as picolig, high-quality drums and bass drums. “

In the 1920s, the classic music is a jazz. The world has a huge technological progress in crazy changes, and the secondary industrial revolution brings great technical progress. The fashion is in the public … Aspects are flourishing, and later, the world is called “The 19th Years”.

However, each era has ancient and modern disputes, and the retroists represented by French Literature Pierre Lotti oppose the industrialization of the early 20th century. They don’t like the factory Lin Li, the pedestrians are rushing to roar, they miss The pastoral pastoral songs in the past, and the bird Ming Mountain.

Pocket watch happened to transition to the discount watch in that year, but like Pierre Lotti opposes industrialization, many people do not accept the watch. Some people say that the pocket watch is in the vest pocket is a gentleman. Only women are wearing them on the wrist; others think that they do both in the wrists affect the people’s movement, and affect the precision of the time. “

The 1921 watch was born in such a context, and Jiang Shi Dandon was boldly innovated. Lu Yi donated that Jiang Shi Denn has launched the first pillow-shaped shell watch in 1919, which is different from the second batch of pillow forms in 1921, and 1919 is just like a 1921 model.

We can judge the design of the crown and small seconds to a line, and their movements should come from small pockets or pendants at the time. Vacheron Constantin put these traditional movements into a unique pillow case, with a leather strap, encouraging people to wear on the wrist, brave breakthrough.

Lu Yi is explained that replica Vacheron Constantin use “classic, own ‘spin’ machine” this year, the inspiration is the legendary watch, the language is both, which is said that the rotating dial before the century has passed The years have achieved classics, and they also refer to Jiang Qinden to respect the tradition and courage to explore the essence of innovative brand.