Richard Mille New RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 Watches

Richard Mille New RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 Watches

Richard Mille replica, known as “First Level Formula”, has new release RM 74-01, RM 74-02 Touring Watch, once again interprets the extreme luxury under topworks. Among them, RM 74-01 is equipped with a titanium metal case, a daily timing function and a power storage of 50 hours; RM 74-02 is more luxurious, using gold-carbon TPT material to create a case; two watches are matched with the research and development The flywheel movement and the hollow design, RM 74-01 represents enthusiasm and vitality, RM 74-02 carries top luxury and beautiful, this is bound to “twin brothers” will also become a new goal pursued by Richard Mille enthusiasts.

Replica Richard Mille RM 74-01 In-House Automatic Winding Tourbillon Watch

Switzerland top watch brand Richard Mille launches two new automatic backlink Gyvline watch. The new RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 are equipped with brand homemade CRMT6 and CRMT5 automatic upper gyndene movement, and is equipped with a moving movement with an ultimate hollow process and a different case material. If you don’t bore, wear these two watches, it will be a charming personality.

Gray metal ceramic RM 74-01
The RM 74-01 watches use Grey Cermet gray metal ceramics, which excellent corrosion resistance and impact capacity are ideal for housings. What is gray metal ceramics? This material combines the lightweight and ceramic hardness of the titanium alloy, composed of zirconia metal matrix and high performance ceramic material. This material hardness for the case is comparable to diamonds.

The unique material is made of Richard Mille and the IMI Group of the specialized micro technology through many years. In addition, the medium-level case, bridge and the bottom plate are created using five-stage titanium alloy. It is just right to echo the case structure.

Gold foil carbon fiber RM 74-02
RM 74-02 cheap Watches use another material “Gold Carbon TPT® Gold Foil Carbon Fiber” in another Richard Mille. This is combined with a unique composite material Carbon TPT® carbon fiber and precious metal (gold foil). After years of hard work and technology challenges, it has been successfully developed.

Gold Carbon TPT® gold foil carbon fiber also has anti-impact and lightweight properties, and forms a stark contrast between the matte black tone of the case carbon fiber and the bright brilliance of the gold foil. The 24k gold lines are in the dark silhouette of the RM 74-02, which extends to the bottom plate, with a red gold medal case and gold insert crown of polishing table columns.

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There is a unique cellular line on the dial of RM 74-01 and RM 74-02, the purpose is to specifically highlight the respective gyromene devices: the gyro of the two watches stands at the replica watches china 6 o’clock. Special sectors in the edge of the surrounding edges and the RM 74-01 CRMT6 movement and RM 74-02 CRMT5 movement, elegant handmade modifications are perfectly combined with elegant temperament and tomography.