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Maxbüsser + MB & F Talk Watch, Innovation and More Tim Mo

Max Busser starts with his career, as a famous watch, Jaeger Lecoultre project engineer. Although not his own watch maker, the biggest quickly gains picky quality, fun and innovation: the key components in the luxury watches. Max took his creative intuitive to Harry Winston, where the huge investment in the production of production was observed, and huge investment in cultivating customers or brands in the watch space.

The Harry Winston OPUS family is born in Harry Winston’s correlation and Max Busser drive to test the boundary. So far respecting – but is open to the independent guardians invited the captain to cover up the series of each group. F.P. Journe, Vianney Halter, Robert Greubel and Steven Forty and many other independent tabs have laid a new place look as a part of the Max OPUS project.

Although the Harry Winston Opus series gives the biggest creative fulfillment, he wants more: independence. MB & F – “Max Busser & Friends” – born in 2005. The concept of the OPUS series is the same conceptually drives MB & F, but the name of the explosive name collaborator and acceptable imagination. Including Kari Voutilainen, Stephen McDonnell, Eric Coudray, and David Candaux discount replica watch, including Eric Giroud and Alain Silberstein design super superstars. Criticism, the biggest “friends” are considered to be a contribution from leather shoulders to the balance wheel.

“When you find talent, try and keep it closed.” In this discussion, Max Busser elaborated his creative process in the conversation with Tim Mosso. Max discussed the reason why he as a child’s heart competition is a genius of fear, and guiding his principles every day. He taught his career’s important milestone, on the basis of JLC, with Harry Winston’s OPUS series, Eric’s early and Eric Giroud, and many watch machines, innovative pastors, and teachers with talents Cooperation.

The watch is a product that is properly healthy. cheap MB & F does not M and B? Suppose, Max knows in depth, and reflects the future of MB & F in the distant era in its founder and guiding light. Max also released the most recently released MB & F traditional machine “Thunderdome” from Kari Voutilainen and Eric Coudray. The concept of Redm is coming to him to come to him, and the trip; the result is a three-axis trip wheel, the rotation speed is eight seconds, 12 seconds and 20 seconds.